Latest Qnut theory: Bob Saget's death was caused by the Covid vaccine

Channeling a bit of Kurtwood Smith’s Red Foreman: “You’re a conspiracy theorist, Nostradumbass!”

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I mean… that’s the place to do it


These morons have a whole side conspiracy theory going about beds that can save people from death if only the (((elites))) would release the technology instead of hoarding it for themselves and undeserving libruls


Ah, I saw that movie recently.


Yes. I’ve seen speculation that, based on timing, the movie is what inspired their conspiracy theory.


I’ve been watching a YouTube channel called “DNA Awakenings” that used to give me a little new-age comfort—until I saw that they are part of the anti-vax madness. A recent video extolled that we should be on the watch for a lot of people dying or disappearing (even that some we thought dead would reappear! Look familiar?)

It’s an old an easy con among the horoscope types—to take a mysterious death and turn it to your profit. The only people who can take you down are those who know the truth (and look how well they’re faring these days).


To be fair, you still wouldn’t get any actual meaning reading such a book the correct way, in direct sunlight.

But your point is taken; with that ilk, it’s all disingenuous, scammy bullshit, always.


Around 300 people die every hour in the US! What are they not telling us about these “vaccines?!”


These people pick up on every celebrity death because it’s in the news and immediately recognizable to their brainless followers.


Try this again.

“I don’t know why, a healthy man, who’s in the middle of a comedy tour, suddenly and unexpectedly drops dead in his hotel room.”

There have been many, many documented cases of performers dying in hotel rooms while on tour. Sometimes it is just an out of the blue shocker, other times certain lifestyle choices catch up to them.

Sure, but I have no doubt that there are many more case of performers dying in other ways, and not because certain lifestyle choices catch up with them.

Anyway, in Saget’s case we don’t know either way so like, who cares? Your speculation (and mine in response, really) is just useless anecdata.


Yeah. Speculating about causes really makes us not very different than the person the headline is mocking, other than our access to an audience. Who knows why he died? None of us. Point is, Owens was immediately ready to baselessly blame the vaccine, which is a dangerous stance to publicize.


S’ok, I can wait…


Dudes… I’m saying she’s full of dung when she says a celebrity suddenly dying in a hotel room is unheard of.

Here’s 20 who did, and their deaths range from (to quote myself) “Sometimes it is just an out of the blue shocker, other times certain lifestyle choices catch up to them.”

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Obviously nefarious lizardman time agents went to the past and vaccinated those people. It’s all part of the plot!

I mean, it’s not any crazier than some of the other bullshit they’ve adopted.


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