Lauer to co-host Vieira while cameras were rolling: "Keep bending over like that. It's a nice view."


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that’s the sort of “joke” that is acceptable between two significant others NOT co workers. jackass.


Yep, the perv is strong with this one.




Just wanted to jump in and say that the name-calling of “perv” at all these harassers/assaulters/creeps is really kind of mean. It’s fine to be a pervert. There’s nothing wrong with being a pervert. At home. And consensually if it involves other people.


Q: What’s the difference between “kinky” and “perverted”?
A: Kinky people play with feathers during sex. Perverts use the whole chicken.


You can see the Duper’s Delight in his face just after he says it.


It’s very interesting to see how much times have changed in a very short amount of time. This video seems pretty recent, and while a comment like that was never acceptable, had it been said today, I bet you would hear audible gasps from the staff around him, and Vieira would most likely say ‘what the hell did you just say?!’ or just slap him. But it’s completely brushed off and ignored in the video (it seems). Perhaps Vieira remembers it and like many felt she couldn’t say anything at the time. Not anymore fellas. I know several ‘creeps’ like this and I bet they are shitting their pants thinking about all the stuff they’ve said/done. The chickens have come home to roost.



Got some puke in the back of my throat on that one.


I uhh… nope. Goodbye Mr. Lauer. I hear Breitbart is hiring.


Just for a second there, you can see in his face he thinks he’s really cute and people are going to applaud.

They didn’t applaud.


Have not liked him ever since he dissed Iceland.


And I should point out, Janr Pauly made harassment allegations against Bryant Gumbel.


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