Laura Ingraham shames GOP for approving justices when Trump's approval was so low

Originally published at: Laura Ingraham shames GOP for approving justices when Trump's approval was so low | Boing Boing


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I’m pretty sure the phrase “low approval rating” doesn’t appear anywhere in the constitution or the congressional oath of office.


Wait. . . GOP senators were supporting Ketanji Brown Jackson???

When did this happen?


Hypocrisy means nothing to authoritarians and their followers, who live in an ever bending present of fear driven psychobabble devoid of all context and logic.

He audience does not demand nor require logic. They instead desire an affirmation supporting their unmovable beliefs that at all moments they are pure and honest warriors fighting against the forces of evil.

Which is why she brings it back to honoring the “sacred duty” of whatever she just made up. It’s always black/white (lol literally), good vs. evil. In their eyes the world is never grey.

They are the types who will fiercely argue that they are most humble people on earth.


Increased flow of information floods the active working memory of the populace. Tell lies at a fast enough pace and the recorded archive of your past lies won’t matter. The bubble-creating algorithmic content filters will do the rest.


It sounds hypocritical but we all know she actually means approval rating among Real AmericansTM, which of course leaves out things like Democrats and BIPOC and LGBT and probably honestly most women. So, you know, not hypocrisy, just normal fascism.


Less “rushing to support” than “leveling insufficient levels of attacks and criticism.”

I mean they accused her of going soft on child molesters, sure. But how many have explicitly accused her of BEING a child molester, let alone screamed the N-word at her on the Senate floor? By modern GOP standards they’re practically rubber-stamping this thing!


It’s almost like she doesn’t really have any detailed information or understanding of the topic she’s pontificating about…

Nah, a “journalist” wouldn’t do that right? I understand that they have a sacred duty to expose the truth and not push an agenda.

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Yeah, this. You can’t hold them to account for having irrational or inconsistent arguments.

They are the types who will fiercely argue that they are most humble people on earth.

As Cheeto Benito himself said, “I think I’m much more humble than you would understand.”


Poor thing must be all confused since her shirtless hero’s war (or does she call it a “special military operation”?) hasn’t gone as she hoped.

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Yeah well, just a reminder that she clerked for Justice Clarence Thomas.


It’s interesting to see Ingraham turning on her own.

I cringe at the thought she has succeeded.

Nah, they’re just floating the new justification for blocking Biden now.
“You’re right, we never should have let Trump appoint those justices then, but we will try to make up for it by returning to those sacred historic norms now. Thank you, Laura Ingraham, for bringing this important excu- uh, precedent to our attention.”
Bullshitters through and through.


I have been informed by sources that all polls that alleged Trump was unpopular were lame stream media fake news. I have not yet been able to ascertain why they now believe the same pollsters when they report Biden poll numbers.

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I can’t wait until President Biden get to appoint a 2nd SCOTUS (Thomas either resigning, “for his health” or he dies). Her blonde poof is going to rocket right off!

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