Ketanji Brown Jackson tied as most popular Supreme Court nominee since the 1980s

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yet it all comes down to Kirsten Sinema’s origami fortune teller.

Heh, maybe so! And surely somehow, Joe Man Chin’s love of coal. Maybe someone can remind him that coal is black?

I wonder if all Republican senators will really vote against Jackson. Bad look if they do, especially given her popularity, but then they don’t care about that, do they.




The first black woman nominated to the Supreme Court and the most popular Supreme Court nominee in modern history, and yet it all comes down to Kirsten Sinema’s origami fortune teller.

If Sinema sinks Brown Jackson like Manchin did with Fed nominee Sarah Bloom Raskin I’m sure the Dem establishment will manage to find a way to reward her too.



Wow. That number is shocking to me, tbh.


Marsha Blackburn is really trying to out-awful everyone else in a field of strong competitors.


Who can resist that 5 megawatt smile? Republicans who believe Affirmative Action should only apply to straight white males, that’s who.

I just tuned in for a few minutes of questioning, and just like some of the Republican Senators did yesterday, Lindsey Graham is absolutely hammering her with ridiculous accusations that she’s been soft on sentencing for child predators because the sentences she passed down were sometimes less than what the government prosecutors had asked for. It’s clear that they’re making this their main line of attack against her. Even the frickn’ National Review ran an editorial saying that these attacks are ridiculous and unfair, but I guess they count as a liberal rag nowadays.

Edit: and as others have pointed out, this is the same party that is happy to have child predators like Matt Gaetz in its ranks.


That statistic makes my heart warm and gives me hope.


When I heard the accusations that she was soft on child predators, my first thought was “Damn, shame Matt Gaetz isn’t on the panel then”.


Anyone else listening to the hearings? Anyone else see how many Republicans are showing us their whole ass over and over again?

Lindsey Graham Filibuster GIF by GIPHY News


Good for John and Jane Public, though that number should be a lot higher. Comparing Brown Jackson to other recent SC nominees demonstrates some version of the old adage that “black women have to work twice as hard to get half as far” in this country. She’s supremely qualified, and is doing well at the hearings; it is my sincere hope that she will get all Dems and at least a handful of GOP Senators to vote for her confirmation.


I’m glad you mentioned the questioning by Tennessee’s Blackburn. This was the only piece I’ve watched so far, and it was cringe all the way. Asking the nominee to provide a definition of ‘woman’? Really? I’m impressed by the way Jackson replied, saying No, she can’t, then asking if the question was asked from some kind of legal perspective. Which it wasn’t.

As I normally do (perhaps not unlike some folks who watch sports), I looked up this Blackburn woman (can I call her that? Should I define it first?) and found that she has a college degree in home economics. How wonderfully appropriate that training and education is for her current role as a US Senator. /s Good on you, Tennessee! /s Also, I see from the wikipedia article that she came in fourth in an aesthetics competition. I think that her orange hero could consider that to be a losing outcome. In other words, trump would consider her to be a loser.


Collins and Murkowski will definitely vote for her. Romney and Sasse likely as well.


I’ll believe it when I see it.


I would expect those four to vote for her … but they’ve disappointed me before.

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I am so there with that. But, if he were and had chimed in with the child porn shtick, her grace would have up-leveled and ignited her into a transcendent being—thus further opening her up to more Republican accusations of religious bias.

See? You just can’t win…

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