Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in to U.S. Supreme Court

Originally published at: Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in to U.S. Supreme Court | Boing Boing


A rare happy (and @#$ overdue) occasion in this arena! Now… expand the court with about two or four more such people with respect for the law and an interest in increasing the personal freedoms blessing a modern society. (or impeach some perjurers off the court, or both (both is good))


Of course they had to completely destroy any semblance of prestige, honor or sanctity of the whole thing RIIIIIIGHT before the first Black woman could join. Here’s hoping her tenure eventually sees the court become something new and better, but, well…it’s good she’s young…


…and contraception, and interracial marriage, and collective bargaining, and the 4th amendment, and the 9th amendment…


Now let’s do 41 more to make sure the nutjobs never have a majority again.

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