Biden nominates Ketanji Brown Jackson to Supreme Court

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Mitch McConnell said “Judge Jackson was the favored choice of far-left dark-money groups that have spent years attacking the legitimacy and structure of the Court itself; and I only support far-right dark-money groups that have spent decades attacking the legitimacy and structure of the Court, and the Constitution itself

It looks like a bit got clipped off when Rob posted that McTurtle quote.


Lady G got her pearls clutched and the fainting couch is strategically placed lest her pretty hair get mussed up when fakes a fainting spell, hope the vapors don’t get her.

Truly GOP, go f’ yourselves.


As always, the projection is predictable and utterly transparent. Hypocrisy is the core tenet of the Republican party, second in priority only to cruelty.


And it won’t matter one bit. Let them write their names in the history books for this petty bigotry.


And it’s basically the same ‘score’ as Kavanaugh got. The vote total is meaningless. Assume she gets 51-50. Compare her and Kav. Heck, compare her of Kav + Comey together. She’s head and shoulders more qualified than even them combined.


Yes, that part. It doesn’t matter how much further qualified she is, even if it were more than anyone ever appointed to the SCOTUS.

She’s a Black woman, partly chosen for that (good) reason, and so the GOP is united against her, and so it labels her a “far-left” nominee.



They believe in a meritocracy, so long as the merit is decided by old rich white guys.


Don’t forget that being an old rich white guy is also seen as a prime qualification, all on its own.


Jackson seems a pretty good choice to me. Maybe Lucy Koh next time?

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And it won’t matter anyway, because they will have massive flaws.

Since the FDC is against all those things, they are automatic disqualifiers for a member of the SCOTUS, as far as they are concerned.

I hope it is, just so the result sticks in the FDC’s craw.

I hope Judge Jackson gets confirmed. That would be sweet.


A relatively young “far-left” nominee. Fifty-one. I hope she has a very, very, very, very long career on the bench.

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On one hand, it’s nice to have this pick on the table.

On the other, I was all but radicalized* by the right’s general attitude around Obama and how McC ignored his last supreme court pick, (not to mention 45,) so I have no patience for all the bullshit they’ve been and will be spewing this time around.

In my dreams someone is working on a much longer list of noms to un- or re- stack the court with, but you won’t find me holding my breath.

*eta: I will vote every time, but that’s when I lost faith in our democracy. I was morbidly amused jan 6 ended as well as it did.

THE prime qualification.


“And to be clear, we are just going to put a wig on Clarence Thomas”


Even if that means she has to spend a very, very, very, very long time putting up with however many of those six assholes are around still.
I do not envy her that part of the job

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They would have tried lipstick, but you can’t put…


Okay, but that’s going to make Ginni Thomas even more of an awkward problem.


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