Laurel and Hardy dancing to David Bowie's "The Jean Genie"

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It looks like the “Rebel Rebel” one has been taken down. Does anyone have an alternate source?

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Right click, copy URL & paste into new tab.

I should have read the error more closely. It’s region locked to the US, so I can’t see it here in Canada.

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A couple of truly wonderful things married up a couple of times to truly wonderful effect.
Thanks for bringing this to light.
(Especially having recently seen the film “Stan & Ollie” which featured a wonderful recreation of one of those dances. Highly recommended for any L&H fans - and even those who might not be.)

My favorite Laurel and Hardy bit (Cartoon violence trigger warning)

Not sure why, but I find the stereo sensation instead of mono kind of jarring. Not painful, just uneasy.

Anyone else?

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