Lauren Boebert tries to disprove she's dumb by tweeting #LaurenBoebertIsSoDumb

To me, the most annoying thing about these clips is Boebert’s constant performative “sassy” shtick with the eyerolls and hair-flippy attitude. It’s on par with Lindsey Graham’s tears, or Greene’s constant vitriol.

With reps like Katie Porter or AOC, you also get engagement, but serious engagement with no b.s.


And in her refutation Tweet she uses “everyday” incorrectly. Then again, that’s 85% of Americans.


It’s like people like her mistake engagement for performance.


Track how much she’s changed both before, and after getting elected. She got massive amounts of GOP investment in staffing and consulting. She’s not particularly savvy, but she serves as a useful enough lightning rod for them to provide material and staffing support to polish things up.

She’s still every inch the candidate that ran. She’s just got media assistance.

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oh dear, as a noun :grimacing:

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