Rep. Lauren Boebert doesn't like taking calls from her excited voters, calls it "sad" (video)

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Maybe if your goal in being a representative of your community is to make that community angry with you and resentful of you… Maybe you chose the wrong job.

But who am I kidding we all know she’s bad at her job…

She clearly thinks her job is turning all of the US into a fucked up satire of family dysfunction like her own miserable rat nest.


Western slope of Colorado…


Man, the way Cleavon Little breaks at the end gets me every time.


A giant problem with most conservatives nowadays, both the politicians and their constituents, is their addiction to rage. A recent poll showed that one of the major requirements Republicans want from their candidates is that they’ll make liberals mad.


Side note: Bannon was found guilty convicted. WHEN THE FUCK IS HE GOING TO PRISON!?!?!?


Angry people vote.


I feel like Obama being elected is when the rage aspect started. A Black man becoming president made the racists absolutely lose their minds and go into a state of permanent, nihilistic, omnicidal rage where they’ve decided to spend the rest of their lives so angry that they must punish everyone and everything and mindlessly support absolutely anything that will lead to more death, misery and suffering. I think Trumpism is a direct backlash against Obama (and the threat of a woman becoming president immediately after). That’s not to blame Obama or Hillary for the current state of things or say they shouldn’t have been elected, just that I don’t think any of us who voted for them anticipated that people on the right would become rabid anti-humanity death cultists who would rather burn everything down than confront their own racism and sexism and try to be better people. We had at least a little faith in some common ground as fellow human beings, and people like Boebert are showing us how wrong we were.


Grifters always despise their marks.


I think you’re right that the overt racism ramped up after Obama was elected but I do recall the GOP started going off the rails during Clinton’s 1st term with Gingrich and his “Contract With America” bullshit after the Republicans took control of the House. Limbaugh and Fox started spewing hate and dissension over the airwaves and that’s when conservatives began viewing politics as no-holds-barred blood sport.


It’s been a constant escalation since Barry Goldwater buried the Rockefeller Republicans in ‘64 by appealing directly to “Lost Cause” Southerners and Red Scare loonies. That led to Nixon’s Southern Strategy, which shifted the GOP base to the less-educated, poor rural masses that were beginning to see their industries slip away (coal, textiles, furniture, agriculture) via consolidation, offshoring and plain old innovation. Reagan put gobs of anti-Black and anti-Democracy machinery in motion, which Gingrich’s House leadership seized on along with the idea that Democrats weren’t just opponents, but the embodiment of the corruption of the “Christian Ideals” they believe the nation was founded on. That scheme of intransigence coupled with the overtly racist backlash to Obama basically invited someone as morally bankrupt and obviously fraudulent to finalize the plan and forego any sense of good governance.

The question to me is, how do we repair that, if it’s even possible at this point? Since the passage of ACA and the GOP governors’ refusal to accept the no-strings-attached Federal funds that would directly benefit their constituency, regardless of party, it’s become very clear that they will sacrifice every bit of quality of life those states enjoy now. We will become more “two nations” than ever. The really scary part is when they begin closing state borders and shutting down access to media. That’s when you’ll know it’s either about to end or it’s been codified beyond salvage.


Your lights are on, but you’re not home
Your mind, is made of bone
Your heart’s dead, you pay no heed
Owning libs, is what you need
You’re full of shit, you tell lies
Nothing behind, your dead eyes
On hate, you really thrive
Another rant keeps you alive
Ohh oohh

You like to think that you’re immune to the stuff…oh yeah
It’s closer to the truth to say you can’t get enough
You know you’re gonna have to face it
You’re addicted to rage



When my existence stops being a divisive issue and I am not being made illegal in some states, then I might believe that these workshops will work.

Until then it is just a moderates wet dream.


Outrage culture, where the endorphins only fire if you’re offended and combative.


And smart grifters never reveal that in public. The only saving grace for Boebert is that her marks are so stupid they’ll accept this statement, which is likely.


Rep. Boebert is sticking with her strength. She’s not good with that maths stuff like budgets and debt ceilings. She’s not good at that social stuff like keeping families together and feeding kids and the elderly. But put her in an argument and she gets in the zone, baby.


I had one of those facebook contacts that I’d never really met in person (no longer do that) who was certain that Trump would be ultimately a good thing for America because he would be so bad as to shock conservatives back into a kind of more rational conservatism. I don’t think it quite worked out the way he thought it would.




I expect better from you.
There’s a world of difference between what she said (that SHE’S sad when it’s a supporter, because she prefers combat) and what you write (“calling IT sad”, usually meant to mean “pathetic”, when a supporter calls her)