Lauren Boebert riles up a crowd: "You and I are going to take this country back!"

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Oh god, I can’t get through more than about 20 seconds of that woman… I hate the televangelist voice, too. I’m ready for that woman to be locked up.


I recently started reading Michael Wolff’s book Landslide about the final days of the Trump Presidency. Even after all these years there’s a tendency for Trump’s allies and adversaries alike to ascribe some kind of strategy to his lunacy and the lunacy of his most dedicated sycophants, but no—they really are this batshit insane.


Back to the Bronze Age, or Empty Gee’s Neanderthal times?


Weird. Because I hate “fascism loving, religious extremism promoting, terrorist coddling (1/6/21), common good/health directive ignoring, pedophile in bowling alley loving, racist pieces of shit” being involved in our government, and am convinced that we have to fight hard to win our country back from these assholes.

Thanks Boebert for helping get me “riled up”.


I spend time in her district, with such beautiful landscapes and friendly people. It’s painful to see her hatred and vitriol and try to reconcile that she represents such a beautiful place.


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When is the last time this web site has posted a piece on a Dem leader riling up up a crowd?

We should be riling up our crowds and worrying less about the fascist wannabes. Time to take care of our own.

Seriously where is the fight?


Americafest Americafeast


What is the love that you are showing people?

Well, I’m not showing my Muslim coworkers “love” by suggesting that they’re America-hating terrorists… I must not be a good “Christian.”


I sure hope she gets rid degenerates who expose their penis to young women in bowling alleys.

Take our country back from degenerate creeps, Lauren! Because patriotism begins at home.


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So are you saying, Lock her up, Lock her up! /s Cause I do get it. But sweet jebus can you imagine the right just going frothing at the mouth, barking fucking nuts if we threw their lines back at them. Those sensitive little tykes can’t handle fair play and swallowing their own medicine. They would stroke out and go cannibalistic on someone who yelled that at one of their own precious little flowers. While I’d love watching their heads explode there would have to be a way to extract the brave soul who would yell it to them.

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How, I ask in all seriousness, would you be able to tell the difference from the situation we have right now?


Uhm Maybe like the lengths of the strings of spittle drooling out of their faces. And yeah I can imagine them literally ripping another human being to pieces for challenging them. These folks bailed out of rational human behavior long ago. They are more like some of the chimps and other upper primates who savagely rip apart opponents. I know even suggesting issues of mental problems is forbidden here. I’m not suggesting any such thing. They have reverted to primal group behaviors and within the group are actors who fuel the savagery.

  1. Remember, make sure you bring in the gift receipt, or you can’t take anything back.

  2. “What are you doing with your God given authority?”

God given authority??? Jesus Christ, this is how far they have lost the plot. We literally had a war over the ability to self rule vs continuing to live under the “God given authority” of a king.


Its clear that because she and her ilk are the ones that feel the need too change America, that they are in fact the ones that hate America as it truly is - a multi-cultural haven.


That is what we are striving for, we aren’t that yet because there are people who profit from discord and other people who refuse to exercise their good fortune of living in a country where we have the framework to be a multi-cultural haven. Too many people fear the unknown, fear others, fear change. Sadly they follow the loudmouth’s who stir discontent and watch the fallout from their homes on high.


“What is the love that you are showing people?”

I dunno, but I know it doesn’t involve racism, fascism, sexism, or threat of assault, Lauren.


@Akimbo_NOT you raise a fantastic point.
The Left is great at analysis, parody, progressive action. Not so great these days at bolstering crowds with charismatic leaders, creating large scale social movements that turn red states blue.

There are certainly cases where this is not true, but I feel we need an antithesis to Trumpism. Not some holy saviour, just someone or something to shake things up.

Folks here might say the Left is too good for that, too nuanced and intelligent. But if had to pick one adjective to describe popularism - it would be ‘effective’.