Lauren Boebert uses basic cult technique when speaking to MAGA devotees (video)

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“Trump is going to follow through”?!?
This puts me in mind of my Father’s advice: “Never break your wind, son, in case you follow through.”


To be more specific, a death cult.


But if it wasn’t as bad as CNN showed, doesn’t that mean it was a complete half-assed attempt at insurrection, and therefore bad? Shouldn’t the real 'Murican MAGAts have insurrected way harder to keep dear leader in office?

I mean, if it were an insurrection, which it totally wasn’t.




Who you gonna believe: Boebert or your lying eyes?


Eat one of her tainted sliders and you won’t have eyes. Problem solved.




gaslight GIF by The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper


Once again, the problem is not her looks. It’s her politics. Let’s stop focusing on the most fucking misogynistic thing that comes to mind with right wing women and focus on the damage people like her are doing to real human beings. I don’t give a shit if she’s the most beautiful or most ugly person on the planet. That’s immaterial to the damage she actively causing this country.


Well, she’s a real cult, and no mistake.

“I don’t give a shit if she’s the most beautiful or most ugly person on the planet.”
Ugly on the inside.


You said nothing about her politics, just her looks.


Does anyone know wtf this is supposed to mean? Reading the comments it’s some sort of joke meant to trigger the liberals. But I can’t figure it out.

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Near as I can figure it is a sarcastic reference to a right-wing meme - which is based on folk legal advice going around in gun-owner circles.

Apparently, if ATF/Law Enforcement turn up asking about your gun and/or its illegal mods you say “Sorry I lost it in a boating accident” - supposedly this covers-your-ass because you can’t turn over or show them a gun you don’t have. And if a gun is irretrievably lost, or you could reasonably assume so like if it fell into the sea or a deep lake, there’s no requirement to report it lost or stolen.
Well, according to gun-nut armchair lawyers. Actual results may vary.

Boebert is implying millions of gun-owners are going to “lose” their pistol braces that way - causing a spike in reported boating accidents.


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Can we lose her in a “boating accident “?

If it wasn’t that bad, how come there aren’t any photos/videos of her going out and meeting with those friendly folks who just wanted to tour the Capitol Building?

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People did see her with them.


“Lost my guns in a boating accident.” is an old old meme. Basically if the government were to ban XYZ, one would say they no longer have the item, having lost it in a boating accident.

Recently the ATF has changed their rulings on pistol braces. This device was originally made to help someone who didn’t have use of both of their arms due to an injury shoot a short AR pistol with one hand. The ATF approved the design of this brace. Questions were asked, and basically the ATF said, “The brace was designed to use one handed, we can’t stop someone from using it to shoulder the pistol.”

Rifles need to have a 16" barrel or they are considered “short barreled rifles”, which require a $200 tax stamp, registration, and ATF background check (this is from the 1934 NFA and was put in to prevent evading the pistol ban that was originally in the law. The pistol ban was dropped from the law, but the SBR part was not.)

You can shoot a pistol with a long barrel, it is considered a pistol, but if you added a stock to it, then suddenly it’s an SBR which is illegal to have unless registered. So by the ATF approving pistol braces, they opened up a loophole to have a shorter barreled rifle technically be considered a pistol under the law.

Recently the ATF changed their ruling and now saying in most cases the brace makes it an SBR and people will need to either destroy, alter, or register their firearm to stay within the law. This will effect millions of people.

Hence her comment about a bunch of “boating accidents”.


Owning a gun or selling a gun comes with responsibility.

So Boebert is advocating breaking the law. Seems like a bad look for a law maker.