Lawrence’s “Living Room” makes retro soul new again

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You’ve got to check out the band Lawrence and their new album, “Living Room”


This sounds more like John Mayer stylings than funk.

I recommend Cilantro Boombox, its a latin funk band from Austin


OG Lawrence —


So I definitely like what I hear, which is why my criticism should be taken to come from a place of love :heart: I like their use of horns and some of those chord progressions are pretty sweet, they’re a little too clean though, too on the grid. I’d love to hear what they do if they’re able to put some nastiness in their grooves, as it is it’s a little too white bread for my tastes.

This is of course a matter of taste, like I said, there’s a lot to like but I’m more interested in modern soul that takes something from the music it spawned, funk, psychedelia and R&B, I was just listening to a cool little song right before I read the headline and that’s where my mind went when I read “retro soul”


Same, needs more attitude


Thanks - they’re delightful!

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Nice tunes.

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TV’s first musical “bad boy”… his show was cancelled over “too much sax and violins”.


Oh, but they are GOOD. Thanks!

Nice, but a little too milquetoast for my personal tastes. Like others have already stated, it’s missing the grittiness that real funk & soul have.


Listen to Kings Go Forth.


Thanks for this recommendation!

while we’re discussing neo-soul (and R&B) and neo-funk, i recently found this ten minutes of Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings with about one minute of Prince, showing what this stuff can do:

Sadly both Sharon and Prince are gone, which, watching this, seems unreal.


Think I’ll stick with Vulf Peck

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Love this… though I’d mention Theo Katzman, who is, coincidentally, also a member of Vulf Peck. His new album is great.

Thank you for the tip, Ruben! You must also check out The Budos Band:

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