Lea Thompson wants to direct a 'Howard the Duck' reboot

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They are always trying to the scam from The Producers for real, aren’t they? (“So how much backing have you deposited for our reboot of Howard?” “3177%, Max”) (still waiting on that fusion of Cats! and Wagons East! m’self)


But when Lea Thompson’s daughter Zoey Deutsch got the role instead of her, she was furious…
A digi double Howard the Duck would be a shame. Bring back the original suit!

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Ah, the movie that lucas wanted to disown.

It’s an interesting premise, and a reboot / remake would probably get better ratings from the advances in CG and other practical effects since the original was made.

Either that, or just animate the whole thing for that matter.


I went to the Hollywood premiere of “Howard the Duck” as a kid. I still remember how unenthused the audience was, especially at the end where studio people were trying to hype us all up to clap and sing along.


The original movie is dreadfully bad, and the only good part about it, Jeffrey Jones, has been retroactively ruined because of…Jeffrey Jones.

So go for it, a remake could be in worse hands.


Fits right into my Monday so far.

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The premise of the first movie was pretty far off the premise of the comics.

Think the comic book version of Deadpool vs. the version that appeared in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Bad enough to alienate both general audiences and fans of the original character.

Even when the movie premiered critics were asking “why didn’t they just make this as an animated film?”


I’m always confused by remaking good movies. There’s already a good version that will be a challenge to even match let alone beat. Howard the Duck? Easy! It would be harder to somehow make it worse.

And Howard is even on Earth already, having joined the Avengers to fight Thanos. Easy setup, and the MCU is almost as weird as Steve Gerbers original stories at this point anyway.


I don’t think it would even count as a “remake” if they did a new Howard the Duck movie set in the MCU. We don’t think of Captain America: the First Avenger as a remake of the 1979 movie.


“Now, Howard the Duck and Mr. Stress both stayed
Trapped in a world that they never made
But not me, baby, I’m too precious
Fuck off!”

Also: Howard the Duck looks like Sean Astin.


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