The battle over Howard the Duck

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The eighties movie is underrated because it has little to do with the comic, and is objectively bad, but OTOH there are duck boobs, and Jeffrey whatsisname is good in it.


It wasn’t the lighting conditions, her skin really does look that color.



The scene with Lea Thompson’s underwear was the exact moment I hit puberty.


I’d love to see them do more with him… but you can’t deny that he looks a LOT like Donald. but obviously with Disney buying Marvel that isn’t even a question if it ever was (mad magazine fair use etc). and modern technology means they could do something much better than the 80s film. Whether it be like rocket in Guardians or full pixar CGI cartoon. I’d like to see a new Howard film.


Even in the 80s one of the most common critical reactions was “if they had to put this particular character on screen why didn’t they just go with animation instead of live action?” Either a fully animated movie or a Roger Rabbit-style hybrid would have worked fine with the visual effects available at the time.


That always seemed backwards

Maybe Disney and Warner Brothers could trade comic companies

I’d really like to see a new entry into the MCU with this style rather than the CGI version he’s gotten in his current cameos.

He’s already gotten very minor cameo appearances in both GOTG movies as well as Endgame. Personally I think another movie to himself would be too much. But a mini-series spinoff of some sort would be fun.


He’s been getting plenty of cameos lately, especially in animated form. And the whole thing with him getting married to Darcy Lewis was much more palatable with both of them being cartoons. Personally I don’t feel like I need a whole movie but maybe they could surprise us with a good one. I wouldn’t have predicted that a movie featuring a tree that could only say three words would be any good either.


He’s the hero we deserve.


Glad to see ComicTropes featured.

If you liked comics at any point, I find his stuff interesting, even if I didn’t read the books he talks about. But I think has a presenter he does a really good job.


I am one of the few stagehands that will admit I worked on this movie up here in Northern California.
Like any movie our side of it was hard work.
“ Hurry up and Wait “.
Truth be known, I have never viewed it.
But I think the little quack should have a return!
With technology know it would be a hoot.
Yes, in a Roger Rabbit meets Deadpool way.
Oh BtW, if somebody yells ‘DUCK’ on set, you hit the deck. :duck:





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I’m literally watching his stuff as I type.

He’s a gem.

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