Lead developer on new Harry Potter game is Gamergater with ranty YouTube channel

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Great job Ian Walker, Liam Robertson, and Kotaku for bringing these things to light. It’s a genuinely brave things to do, going up against an army of fragile, unstable men prone to violence and with all the harassment tools at their fingertips. Terrific reporting.


He obviously got the gig thanks to his obvious (and anachronistic, amidst all the other stuff) interest and expertise in owls:


Well what Kotaku did was follow up on what one of the guy’s behind Did You Know Gaming pointed out about the producer on social media. The folks behind DYKG have a very solid reputation when it comes to fact finding which is why the neckbeards are trying their damndest to try to put most of the blame on Kotaku for the reporting because old habits die hard for them. The tweets that replied to Kotaku’s tweet about their article is a complete dumpster fire.

WB really needs to bring outside investigators to find out how much of a tool he has been to his own staff and if he’s a liability to them. The WB needs to at least cover their asses for legal reasons and to reassure shareholders.


It used to be if you worked with some one who was a weirdo or extremest, you most likely didn’t know about it. Unless maybe they started drinking during the work Christmas party, or maybe they said something off at lunch.

Now they are out there ranting on youtube and Facebook and its like… yikes!

And now people are like, “You can’t have any opinions that don’t fit the mold or they cancel you!”

Maybe figure out some opinions should go back to living in the shadows and under rocks where they were.


Unfortunately, creeps like this have a tendency to rise unchecked in the already toxic AAA video game industry. The timing of a Gamergater now being a lead dev is depressingly predictable.


for any particular job there are always plenty of non-bigots to hire. when you know a bigot is going to disrupt your team and stop you from assembling the best talent – stop you from making the best game ( or whatever ) – why keep them around?

the bigger picture issue is that basic human dignity isn’t an opinion. there aren’t two sides to be had.



A toxic gamergate guy that spent his days screaming about SJW-boogie women on youtube working on a Harry Potter game?



As a dev in the games industry, this rankles me a bit, but you might be right. I’ve only worked at small companies with good people, so maybe I just got lucky.


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