Leading DNS experts say they've found a secret dedicated link between Trump and a giant Russian bank


Too broad, too general. I’m looking a name to target this specific type of (maybe) “public relations” tactic.


Consider the record corrected :astonished:


Valid points to ponder, although honestly the “trump” domain name would not surprise me. This is Trump we’re talking about, after all.


Would you say you’re disappointed in Boing Boing?


You expect me to believe those right-wingers at the NYT? They’re from the same city as Trump, for goodness’ sake…


I know why. I believe it to be a good verse evil thing.


It’s just a more organised variation of Internet sockpuppetry: one entity (in this case one of Putin’s tame PR companies like this one in St Petersburg) controlling numerous sham accounts to support its agenda.

The sysadmins at Alfa Bank thought no-one would look into it or care – “eez beeznis.” From the evidence presented (human conversations, business hours) my guess would be that the private DNS servers were put in place so that the bank could continue business as normal with its highly-leveraged and high-profile debtor in the event that he was the victim of a targetted DDoS attack during the election (a tactic rolled out by Putin against his opponents).

I’m not sure why they wouldn’t solve the potential problem as you suggested, with a static IP. But consider who the borrower is.

The content of the messages going back and forth may indeed be innocuous business chatter between a lender and borrower. The close business relationship itself, though, is not so innocuous given the parties involved.


I guess this is just the sort of thing that happens when you trust your IT operations to your ten-year-old son.



(I don’t know if that’s what other people call it - that’s how I think of it)



You do good work, but I wonder if Falcor has a bot buddy that might do this sort of thing. Or even a software feature? Seems a useful thing to add flair that says “I’m new!” and tags all posts for X number of days after joining, which is visible in archives.


The nyms attached to newbie posts are a rather pale gray.


I’m not sure it can, actually. She’s not that kind of candidate. That’s not the kind of support she’s getting. At best that might be said of a vanishingly small number of Clinton supporters.


“Without the content of these conversations, it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on.”

…Seems to be a recurrent theme over the past few days.


The FBI is hardly short of tarnish at the moment.

We’ll just say for the books this is the “T Crown Affair”.


But if that shitty job is just another meta/pomo stage of confusion itself… I need to watch less Adam Curtis.


Hehe, I loved that no matter how long you’ve had an account anywhere, Stein voters would claim you were a Paid Clintonian Shill and use that phrase to “out” you no matter how mildly faint of praise a person was in responding to their claims.

Don’t forget them discussing how women are bitches and child support payments are literal slavery.


probably just the hypervisor running the universe. leave it alone.


Does anyone really believe that the Saudis, and other repressive Middle Eastern governments are just really, deeply, selflessly moved to donate to the Clinton Foundation and so interested in Clinton perspective they pay millions to listen to their speeches? Do you really think they intend to bring freedom and tolerance to the nations we are fighting at their behest?

Trump is a terrible human being and unfit for office. Don’t pretend Hillary Clinton isn’t bought and paid for too, though, and don’t pretend the repressive, hateful governments of the Middle East are any better than Putin.

If this is true, it’s just business as usual. Trump just isn’t sending his wife to Moscow to collect the speaking fees.


And on which side of that are you?