Leaked Sonic the Hedgehog movie design looks like a dollar-store cereal mascot

Looking for movies based on board games led me to this from 2017:

That said, with the right group of people behind it, a movie version of Kill Doctor Lucky could be fun.


I actually had to watch that one for work once (this was back when my company was trying to get a contract to promote the newest Mortal Kombat game so it counted as research).

Can’t say I was impressed, but I was never into the original game so maybe it would have been more fun if I’d already been emotionally invested in the franchise.


Like Clue it has the framework for a good story built into the game premise. The hard part is getting writers who can do it well and actors who can play the parts.


“High School football mascot runs into jewellers, makes off with stash of trinkets, gets run over, coma-dreams alternate videogame world.”

Probably directed by Ron Howard.


I know I’m gonna get shit for it, but I really liked Super Mario Bros. Maybe because it was on endless rotation on Cinemax in the 90s, so I watched it a lot. Sure it was goofy, but I remember it being fun.


as a cartoon this is not so obvious, but it really feels like the shoes plus the realistic rendering really emphasizes his nakedness. right? it feels like he’s not wearing pants. I actually figured out a rule for pants-less cartoon characters. for why winnie the pooh and porky pig and donald duck can get away with it while goofy cannot. The rule is: if they have animal feet they dont need pants. (porky pig has hooves, donald has webbed feet. winnie the pooh has ambiguous doll bear feet but they dont look human) BUT if they have human feet (as both mickey and goofy do) a lack of pants makes them feel naked. In this case, sonic’s shoes are contributing to that effect…


Frankly there are things that don’t translate well from 2D to 3D. Ironically I think the best video game styled movie was Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It is everything that DBZ should have been.


Only seen it once, but yes, agreed, found it a solid techno-zombie movie (I have no great familiarity with the games, FWIW). I’ve always liked Milla Jovovich doing cool stuff since her star turn in Fifth Element. Haven’t seen any of the sequels though.

This is an interesting topic, but I don’t want to derail, so I’ll only mention that the recent Warcraft movie, while maybe not “good” per se, had some interesting ideas and a genuine talent at the helm (Duncan Jones of Moon and Source Code, which are both great).

ETA: Prince of Persia anyone? If it hadn’t had the licence attached, I felt it would have been a perfectly average summer adventure flick… which is better then average for a videogame movie!

That is BRILLIANT, well done! Can’t wait to tell my kids, who love to point out cartoon nakedness.

(BTW Got any explanation for those Pink Panther episodes where he reaches into his skin and puts things in there like a pocket?)


I found a few to be decent, or at least watchable like Silent Hill, Mortal Kombat, and Need for Speed.

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Raul Julia was the only redeeming thing about Street Fighter: The Movie.

I mean, this scene alone steals the whole fucking show:

Bison: “I’m sorry. I don’t remember any of it.”
Chun-Li: “You don’t remember?”
Bison: “For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. For me, it was Tuesday.”



While you may be onto something with the feet, another possibility is the ratio of torso size to leg length. Characters like Donald, Porky, and Pooh have large/long torsos and fairly stumpy legs, so clothing the torso gives more of a “fully clothed” impression. Goofy and even Mickey are much closer to 1:1 on head/torso and legs, which is closer to human norm and necessitates pants.

Sonic is an interesting outlier because his design becomes almost entirely head and legs—barely any torso at all. His feet are also extremely exaggerated in size, so putting shoes on them has the same visual weight as Donald’s jacket or Mickey’s shorts.


Barbie Video Game Hero is not based on a specific game, but is a mashup of familiar game genres that - in it’s ham-fisted way - encourages coding for the very specific subset of girls whose media is Barbie-centric. It gets a pass from me, but then my frame of reference for ranking is “Among the Barbie properties available on Netflix” which is a sizable subset of the things that occupy “my” TV screen and music playlists* at dinner these days.

*“Change the Game” and “Multiplayer” are legitimate bangers, and yes, are on my own Amazon music playlist now.


I somehow doubt it is better than Mortal Kombat.


That is just standard cartoon hammerspace.


it bombed at the theater, but got a cult following later. I showed it to the kiddo and she liked it. Tim Curry alone is worth it.

It wasn’t great, but the sound track was fucking amazaballs.


What? Rampage? I have no idea. I haven’t seen it. Much like Mario Brothers, they abandoned the core of the game it was based on, so I lost any interest.

That said, Mortal Kombat wasn’t what I consider a great film either. But I haven’t seen it in ages, so maybe it’s due for a rewatch,

One of the few original Howard the Duck comics from the 70s (or 80s) that I remember reading involved Howard being forced to wear pants by an “animal decency league” of some kind. It might have been a dig at PETA, but it’s been forever since I read it. All I really remember is one panel showing him in pants and he was pissed.


The animated Halo movies range from decent to awful, but only one I know of is live-action and it’s a short, so not sure that counts. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time was decent mindless popcorn fluff, albeit with Jake Gyllenhaal in black face (er, Persian-face). Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is another animated one that was watchable, though I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was good.

Sorry to pile on, but nuh-uh.

That’s sort of par for the course for him though, isn’t it?

Count your blessings.


I completely forgot he was in that. Wow, must’ve had some back taxes to pay or something.


I saw the pic and figured someone was just having fun with that painting from the other day. A strong case of convergent evolution, if not.

I prefer the idea that they’re goggles. It makes so much more sense.

Gyakuten Saiban, the Japanese Phoenix Wright movie. Not a great film, but well above the usual standards for such things. Kind of cheating a bit, though, since the game is just one step beyond a visual novel.