Led Zeppelin II, the 1969 Rolling Stone review


Whole Lotta Love is such a heavy song that it leaked from one layer of tape to the next one on the master reel. You can hear that if you listen carefully. Only pure Rock and Roll will do that.


God, I miss Mendelssohn. The man knew how to snark beautifully. (And was the best Kinks reviewer ever, to boot…see his liner notes for “The Kink Kronikles”.)

rolling stone’s disdain for all things zeppelin is nigh-legendary, and here it is on display in its full glory. i love that this is one band they dissed that they can never live down.


Nah they diss plenty of great bands.
They try and make up for it by endlessly flogging the holy hell out of every release from crappy boomer bands that people stopped paying attention to 30 years ago: STONESDYLANDEADSPRINGSTEENJOPLINHENDRIXBEEFHEARTTRAFFICAIRPLANE

Somehow I received a subscription for buying concert tix, but the lousy amateurish writing and tone-deaf bewilderment at the fluid state of modern music is really apparent now more than ever.

The review certainly highlights the different standards in obesity then when Jimmy Page is considered heavy.


LZ3 is one of the most “under-rated” records of all time. It also includes one of if not the best blues song of that decade - Since I’ve Been Loving You.
Almost Famous the movie (not the soundtrack) has 5 LZ songs, 2 from 3.

The last time I read Rolling Stone for a music review was… never. And I’m Gen-X. I can imagine the young 'uns don’t even know what RS is.

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Not trying to defend the Rolling Stone('s music criticism, which these days isn’t even their main beef anymore, or so it seems), but I absolutely fucking love Dylan and Springsteen. And Led Zeppelin, too. And I was born in the 80’s.

What does that say about me? :smiley:

Led Zeppelin is one of the great cover bands of all time. Their cover of Willie Dixon’s “You Need Love” (the linked video) is even better than the one Muddy Waters recorded a few years earlier.

Beefheart? Do they really go on about him as much as the others? For that matter, I wouldn’t think Traffic would be mentioned incredibly often either, but Beefheart really stands out.

You missed McCartney.

Rolling Stone hated Led Zeppelin so much in the early days that I’d like to see some analysis of why that was. What, exactly, pissed them off so much about what is, frankly, just a danceband - one that a lot of people (including myself) really liked? Why did Zeppelin get so far under their skin?



Further reading:

But man, what awesome and massively updated versions they made of all those songs.

I spent quite a lot of time perusing RS record reviews as a teenager until I figured out that they were completely full of shit.

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