Legal Eagle covers how Trump's alleged plan to steal the election was supposed to work

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Stupid Watergate continues…

It’s like the Sharknado series - it’s already dumb to start with but just keeps getting more and more absurd until it becomes a parody of itself.


The non-feature for the simple-minded (of which i’ll proudly include m’self) is: If a vice-president could do what the trumpies insisted pence should do then there certainly would never have been a one term president, and probably never but the one (evil emperor) president. That is, all it would require to ask of a barking trumpist is: “So what yer say’n is: Vice President Kamala Harris certainly has the power to assure that Biden will have a second term?” …and the resulting mumbling and walking away should thus underscore this whole scheme as to its non-‘constitutionality’


For some reason, that really brought home how monstrous this whole thing was. Obviously, at one level I’ve known for a long time what Trump wanted to do. But seeing it spelled out step by step brings home the real cynical depravity of the whole thing.

Motherfucker knew perfectly well that he’d lost. And I think he probably always knew he was going to, because he started thinking about how to cheat their way to a second term well before the first vote was cast. But he and his enablers set out to override the wishes of the (substantial) majority of the people who wanted him gone. That’s a crime against everything that a democracy stands for, and he went ahead and did it. The fact that half the country wants to give him a second chance is appalling.

His defenders are going to say “Oh, but he really believed he’d won,” as if that makes any difference.Yeah, yeah, mens rea and all that, but if I really believe that toddlers are hostile aliens from Pluto and I shoot up a preschool, I’m still going to get jailed, executed or confined to a mental institution nonetheless. You don’t get away with a crime just because you believe something that isn’t true. Sorry, I really believed that that Rolex on the other guy’s wrist was mine, even though I’ve never owned a Rolex in my life.

Fuck him and the escalator he rode in on. I hope they nail his sorry ass to the wall, legally-speaking.


Or “Al Gore had the power to declare himself President in 2000?”

For the record, I don’t believe Gore did have this authority—but there was a heckuva lot stronger argument to be made that Gore won in 2000 than that Trump won in 2020.


The video shows TFG and Pence dueling with white light sabers, which seems inaccurate. I’m assuming both would be red, unless dayglow orange exists.


yeah, not orange.

Orange lightsaber Color Meaning: Denotes ambition, creativity, and resourcefulness


Shit brown light sabers. Attracts flies.


“sith fly”


Except Sharknado is entertaining…


I spun that on my mom before she passed because she was always insisting that Pence had the right to, and her response was that, yes, Harris could have done that, had Congress not changed the law to explicitly point out that the VP can’t do that.


I totally missed that new law about how VPs are no longer kingmakers passing. Seems that would have been in the news a cycle or two?

It was:


Thanks! I remember that now - it was included in the spending bill so not a stand alone law, but what I recall at the time that was said (and listed in the article) is that Trump/Pence had no ground other than a super specific and shaky reading of the requirement and all this did is tighten down that wording.

Pence could not have done what was asked, or he certainly would have. He had people literally demanding he be hung and he’s still completely on their side. His limp statements about how he did what was right is backed up by his notes that are now on display in the filing - he did not feel he had the legal right to do what was asked. NOT that he didn’t want to; he felt it was too illegal to do.


Of course the next time somebody tries this, they will claim that the law is an unconstitutional infringement upon the Vice President’s authority.


And so Gore was just lazy?


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