Lego announces "Women of NASA" minifigs


If this is like typical Lego sets, the “five women of NASA” will have three male and two female minifigs…


Alright, Trump, take it down a notch.



Privileged white male rage in 3…2…1…and, cue rape and death threats.


The design of these is spot on. I really like them. It’s a good concept but the execution is even better.


I will be buying at least three sets, including one for my classroom… however the display would be far more effective if they could also release a complementary men of Nasa set. Perhaps a 10 model scientists of Nasa bumper pack?

(The palaeontologist, chemist and astronomer set has pride of place in my office at the moment).


I would disagree with that. I’m afraid it’ll be like half the other Ideas series produced in limited availability, and outrageous on the secondary market (I’m looking at you Research Institute and Curiosity Rover :imp:)


I was going to link this myself, thank you for being of the same mind.


Jokes aside, you know that Trump wouldn’t be so found of Russia if it was still Soviet right.


These figs are going to look particularly awesome in the crown jewel of my personal collection…


Chicken nuggets were invented in the 1950s, and Tyson Foods first sold them in 1980, which is when they really took off. Assuming this is what you meant, you would be about 50 years old. Otherwise, closer to 80.


Sally Ride was also (as far as we know) the first gay astronaut.


Margaret Hamilton:


I just never experienced them until McDonald’s started serving them.


But how?

That particular set only seats three minifigs!


Nancy and Mae are already planetside, with their laser chainsaws humming…


Dear Lego,

As a parent of a little girl, kudos to you!

Wait, no, partial kudos withdrawn:





Once in 1963.
Then lots more in the 1980s.


It needs a barber pole.

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