LEGO crime boss busted in Portland


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As has been wrapping up, it’s easy to see the kind of renaissance that Lego has been having with Adult Fans of Lego. And then there’s this. Part of me liked it better when hardly anyone would admit to playing with the bricks.


Zack is a LEGO Maniac.


I thought his name was Azar? (I always despised that ad campaign!)


Yo I need a hookup for a hot kilo LEGO brick, randomized blocks please in terms of shape and color.


From the title, I was picturing a lego supervillain like Doctor Doom or Lex Luthor



Here’s hoping the judge throws the brick at him.




Azar would solicit the theft of items from stores through websites such as Craigslist and OfferUp. Azar would meet with individuals who stole items, purchase the stolen merchandise for pennies on the dollar of what the item was worth, then advertise and sell the stolen merchandise on Craigslist, EBay, and OfferUp

It’s one of the more honorable business models I’ve seen online lately.


Without the Kragle the charges won’t stick.


It’s just business…


Lord Business!


It just makes me sad when people steal Legos for any other reason than to play with them.


LEGO Job Creator 10251


LEGO Crime Boss the new album by The Infantiles. In stores now!


Is it the 7 Stud or 12 Stud format?


What’s the street value for an uncut brick of bricks these days? And none of that Playmobil or Megablok shit either, just the pure, primary colors of the Danish mainline.


Are you admitting something there? :joy:


My statement should not be taken as an admission of guilt. (Ahem)

Seriously though, can you imagine just once getting a headline like:

“Law enforcement raid warehouse of notorious LEGO thief. Discover prolific, acre-sized battle between Star Wars and classic-space LEGO sets.”


Not a stud farm?


Boo! I say boo!