Lego slippers


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I own a pair of these.

At first they feel constricting, but then they become a part of you.

I also own a pair and have to disagree with akamarkman…I wear a size 13 men’s usually and these feel generally too over-sized to be comfortable. With every step I found myself ‘spreading out’ my toes and adjusting my stride to keep the slippers from sliding off my feet. After enough time trying to adjust to them, I gave up – slippers should be comfortable, not a struggle to wear!

Do they come with smaller lego pieces inside them to step on?

Yeah sorry, I just wanted to use a quote from Wayne’s World :wink: These are actually kinda too big at first but once you break them in / squish the bottom layer of padding they conform to your feet a little better.

No, but for a small fee I’d be happy to make that dream a reality for you.

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