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This guide to storing your Lego collection does not recommend these storage bricks:

Unfortunately, it is a deeply flawed product — small LEGO parts get stuck in the grooves (such as 1×1, Minifigure accessories, and Cheese Slopes).

Beyond this critical issue: they are really expensive, have square corners on this inside (making it harder to get small parts out of the box), the bright colors exactly match official LEGO colors (making it harder to find parts in that color), are not wide enough to spread parts around to find what you are looking for, and while the lids are hard to remove they don’t latch closed for travel.


These are surprisingly less expensive than I was expecting; but also surprising smaller too.


Storing small pieces in a vessel this size is pretty amateur hour. The 1x1 cylinder is fine for this. It’s true that they aren’t cheap but they are also on sale fairly often.


Lego Storage Bricks: Foot pain for giants.


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many moons ago there was math that got to go round the ‘golden ratio’


Sounds like a terrible British snack that they stopped selling in the 70s.



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As my then 3-year-old advised: Don’t do somersaults on Legos


While you sleep:


Lego: The World’s Worst Reflexologists.


There really is a need for some design mojo aimed at the larger adult collection. Zip lock bags are affordable and versatile enough for an adult collection, but they’re just no fun to use. A modular system of containers that gracefully fills a footlocker, would just about be perfect.


I have a couple of those at the office to store bric-a-brac and brighten up the place a bit.
For “serious” storage needs my container of choice is the “Really Useful Box”. Because they really are.


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