LEGO Star Wars new Jabba's Throne Room set, with current occupant Boba Fett

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I am not sure how not having the OG box impacts the resale value of LEGO over time. I am a collector but I haven’t ever re-sold anything.

The box is half of collecting. Good boxes, like toys and Legos, have a great design aesthetic and are nice to look at. Though I am tempted to finally go through and toss some of the more misc boxes I have. Boxes that don’t look that great that had say a mug or a some other item that wasn’t completely boxed up.

So… I dunno. I don’t think I will get this set because of 1) room and 2) I usually get vehicles, not set pieces (Though I do have the Bespin carbonite chamber.)

I do want the minifig… I wonder if they changed it from the most recent Slave I kit.

I’m hind sight pissed that tossed all of the boxes for my old PC games after college.

Collecting of vintage PC games seems little weird. Apparently a lot of the time the old large format boxes are more valuable than their contents. So given that I don’t desire to have the boxes I could have sold them off for a pretty penny if I still had them. I have a lot early release versions of significant games, and some very obscure ones that had what are apparently now highly collectable boxes.

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Some of the old school stuff came with some really good ephemera inside!

I still have all of my Star Wars game boxes, even if they are not all first editions or some were used and a bit beat up :confused:

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I still have all the disks, manuals and pack ins. Like there’s a bag of CLOTH maps around somewheres.

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