'LEGO The Incredibles' is pretty incredible

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Make sure it is registering Achievements. Mine wasn’t and I had to reset the Xbox One to get them to register.

Fun game and the controls seem less twitchy than Marvel Super Heroes II.

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She doesn’t seem to be having a problem – but is mad I didn’t get it for the Switch instead. Portable is a thing with the kids.

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The movie doesn’t come out here in the UK for another week or so; guess what? The game doesn’t officially come out here for another week or so either…

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It’s also on Steam, and I reckon it will be cheaper there sooner or later.

It seems like an odd pairing, until you realize that back in the day before Lego Star Wars, Traveller’s Tales did a lot of Pixar games. 'Course, no one remembers those for being particularly good.

I wonder how many people are still at the company who were working on games back then? Jon Burton has being doing quite the mesmerizing series of videos about coding in those days.

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The only negative thing I have to say about the game is that Mr. Incredible looks a bit weird. I can’t put my finger on exactly what’s wrong with him. I guess that muscles don’t translate well to minifigs.



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Yeah, his head doesn’t seem to fit his body.

If you watch closely in the trailer you see Carl and Ellie’s house from Up. I wonder how many more Easter Eggs are in this game?

I figured the nonstandard arms/torso would be from the tie-in minifigs, but apparently they aren’t. That’s confusing.

I have yet to find a Lego game based on a movie/movie series that I didn’t instantly love.

My son and I nust have watched the movie 100 times, and this trailer captures the tone perfectly!

We have it for the Switch but haven’t played it because we’re not seeing the movie until today. Due to the point the game starts at and how closely the Lego movies mimic the movies they are about, I had to force myself to put it away.

These Lego games are great. They are fun for kids, and good for grownups, as well. Growing up in a world where we didn’t have to worry about 45 different buttons/combinations on a controller ot play a game, they are relatively simple to control. There are also a lot of little easter eggs that I think only adults would get (e.g. Shawshank references in Lego City Undercover)



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