LEGO X-Wing Fighter


I got this for Christmas a year or so ago. It now sits on my shelf at work causing envy with my geeky co-workers. :smiley: It was a fun build with my wife who had never really played with or assembled Lego before. The Christmas village is now a yearly tradition for us.

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“Porkins minifig” - now there’s an oxymoron.

My daughter and I did the exact thing a month or so ago: A shot of our X-Wing

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I swear if I had the extra 4 grand I’d be spending the rest of the summer putting this thing together.

Oh man, that thing is JUMBO.

Oh wow, I had no idea this class of Lego Star Wars existed. The whole collection costs more than I paid for my new car!

If only. I still have a Taj Majal set here waiting to be attacked.

That is so weird, my daughter and I just put that exact kit together about a week ago. We would get home from day care and she would demand to assemble another section before dinner each night.


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