LEGO X-Wing a one day build for my 8 y-o nephew

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How many times have they re-released the X-Wing set with minor improvements?

I mean, I’m not complaining, they’re real improvements and it looks damn nice. It just makes me chuckle that the pillar/antenna parts that were originally created to be X-Wing lasers (making new molds is not cheap and Lego doesn’t do it lightly) don’t even appear on the kit anymore.

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this one is next, but I have ask to an existential question… since the X-Wing Fighter is technically a fictional spacecraft, what does 1:1 scale actually mean?

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A bantha is a fictional creature but a full-size model would be approximately the size of an elephant under a shaggy coat.


To answer my own question: wow, it’s more than I thought! There are 10 different minifig-scale Lego X-Wing sets. A couple of those are just straight re-releases of an earlier set, but the rest are all unique. Dang.

Also, there’s 10 micro-scale X-Wings and two Ultimate Collector Series X-Wings.

Nothing like spending $80 to keep an 8-year-old amused for ONE DAY. Then, sell it to another 8yo, I guess?

Is Mark Hamill a fictional creature? We’ve got plenty of footage of him in or next to X-Wings. If I were you, I would start by measuring Mark Hamill.

(I’m starting a new meme: Mark Hamill for Scale)

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