The LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Luke's X-Wing Fighter

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the highly suspect astromech R2D2

I never pass up the opportunity to link to this. (I’m not entirely sure that the sequel trilogy entirely refutes this, although it’s true that R2 is a very minor player there.)


[Luke flying through Death Star trench as Vader’s fighter pulls up behind]

R2D2: Is that… Anakin?? Buddy! I haven’t seen you in like 19 years! It’s me, R2! I met you when you were 9! We fought in the clone wars together! I was literally your wedding present from Padme! What are you doing here, bro?

Vader: [Shoots R2 right in the face]

Damn, when they got that close they should have added a few more bricks and greebles to bring the set up to 1977 pieces.

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