Leon Sans, a font generated by code

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I want a velocity-sensitive computer keyboard with appropriate software, for example:

  • Render my word processor as an old-school mechanical typewriter, like Dad had.
  • When I press a key slowly, make a faint mark for the character.
  • When I press a key very fast, display animated sparks and make a heavy, stochastic-blurred mark for the character.

And if you type too quickly it (virtually) jams up.
And you can’t delete, you have to X out words.
And your 1 key doesn’t work. You need to do lowercase L for 1 and .+’ to do !

I guess at that point you may as well use a typewriter.


When I was working, I imagined a velocity sensitive supersized keyboard with keys that required kicks and punches. At this age, I’ll stick to the touch pad.


Nailed it.

The ‘Mask Tiling’ has a very ‘Yellow Submarine’ vibe to it. Nice!

That’s like the Royal typewriter I learned to type on in 1980. Typing from the shoulder.

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Gawdsdammit… I have been wanting this since the 80s!

About 25 years ago the typographer Matthew Carter created a typeface called Walker for the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis. It was one of the first adjustable typefaces. Users could modify the out-of-the-box sans serif font by snapping on serifs or ligatures. It’s a really wonderful piece of work.

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Leon, you say?

You are probably right. I bet Leon was generated by code.

Edit: why doesn’t Tyrell check job applicants for guns, particularly since they are looking for infiltrators…

The mask tiling put me in a mind of the song Pinball Number Count (with vocals by the Pointer Sisters) from Sesame Street. https://youtu.be/JZshZp-cxKg

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