Leopard enters school grounds, injures six


I don’t think I’d play the odds that I was the better swimmer, just in case he followed me.


Leopards don’t swim at all. But they have a wading depth of 1.2 m without preparation.


Hmm. I think I might have chosen the water. Or panicked and gone into the water, since there isn’t any way to outrun a leopard. After all, there’s a high chance of getting chewed out of the water but a chance the cat won’t follow me into the water because he doesn’t want to swim or because there are easier options for some human-gnawing.


Why are there fake red blood spots on the photo-still for the video?


You don’t need to outrun the leopard. You need to outrun the slower people.


The video on HuffPo said it took 10 hours to get the leopard under control. In the video they already have a tranquilizer gun, which I’m guessing isn’t standard issue equipment in Bangalore high schools (Bangalore being a city of 4MM+ people, so this is like a mountain lion wandering into a Los Angeles high school, not like Shere Khan visiting the villagers in Jungle Book).

So probably the leopard entered the school, the local press turned out to take photos while the authorities found somebody with a tranquilizer gun, and a few of the photogs got a little too ambitious in search of closeups.


The word you were probably looking for is ‘ordnance’ …but your wording is much, much better.


that was my thought, too: how come nobody thought to jump in the pool?


on the one hand my high school didn’t have leopard attacks, on the other hand my high school had a lot of racists, aggressive jocks, religious intolerance, people who threatened me for refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance, idiotic teachers who in many cases can be considered to have been abusive of the students, and general good Conservative American Values.

So leopards would have been nice.


Like the federal tax code?


Maybe they can’t swim either? Or didn’t want to get wet?

OMG - they were all witches!


Hey Leopard! No Food in the pool area.


My high school could definitely have benefited from a tranquilizer gun.


That leopard is going to get so much detention.


No, the feral tax code.


OT, but the PoA in classrooms should 100% not be a Thing.


Did anyone try singing “I can’t give you anything but love, Baby?”


Not an easy path, but they are committed to it. My deep gratitude to what these people in India are trying to accomplish.

What you say is true–US Forest Service, county parks and wildlife staff, municipal LEOs would all have dropped the animal, protected or not, with all due haste. Full stop.



“That’s just ketchup, dear.” - my mom