Leopard enters school grounds, injures six


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On the one hand, my high school didn’t have a swimming pool. On the other hand, my high school didn’t have terrifying poolside leopard maulings.

I think, on the whole, I liked my high school experience better.


Looks to me like those being mauled were photographers that probably had gone in there to “get a better shot”. Darwin Award honorable mentions in order?


Too bad the footage is so spotty.



No running in pool area.


Can I just say, big cat breaks into school, mauls six people, and their response is to tranquilize it and return it to the wild. Kudos. In the US we would have killed it with heavy ordinance and/or ordnance (cough), and then burned down the forest for good measure.


But we specifically put up a sign saying beware of the leopard in our display department.


A leopard or two would have improved mine. And we did have a pool. Perhaps the pool is the deciding factor and not the leopard at all.


I once shot a leopard in my underpants. How he got there, I have no idea.

Yes I know that joke is older than the pyramids


How is it that a random high school on a random day happens to have a large number of professional (or pro-amateur) photographers hanging around to catch this?


Did you know that outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend? Inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.


How well can they swim? I thought only tigers did it for fun. I’d jump in the water.


I don’t think I’d play the odds that I was the better swimmer, just in case he followed me.


Leopards don’t swim at all. But they have a wading depth of 1.2 m without preparation.


Hmm. I think I might have chosen the water. Or panicked and gone into the water, since there isn’t any way to outrun a leopard. After all, there’s a high chance of getting chewed out of the water but a chance the cat won’t follow me into the water because he doesn’t want to swim or because there are easier options for some human-gnawing.


Why are there fake red blood spots on the photo-still for the video?


You don’t need to outrun the leopard. You need to outrun the slower people.


The video on HuffPo said it took 10 hours to get the leopard under control. In the video they already have a tranquilizer gun, which I’m guessing isn’t standard issue equipment in Bangalore high schools (Bangalore being a city of 4MM+ people, so this is like a mountain lion wandering into a Los Angeles high school, not like Shere Khan visiting the villagers in Jungle Book).

So probably the leopard entered the school, the local press turned out to take photos while the authorities found somebody with a tranquilizer gun, and a few of the photogs got a little too ambitious in search of closeups.


The word you were probably looking for is ‘ordnance’ …but your wording is much, much better.


that was my thought, too: how come nobody thought to jump in the pool?