12-year-old boy outsmarts leopard in incredibly close — and dangerous — encounter (video)

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Certainly the actions of someone who has seen leopards before and knows how to interact with animals of that sort. I’d like to think my kids would do something like that if they saw a coyote or raccoon enter our garage (or god forbid a squirrel, which would be the most terrifying). Good head on that kid’s shoulders.


I simply cannot believe that leporid didn’t smell the kid sitting there. I agree that the kid was cool as a cucumber but, if the leopard was hungry, that kid would have been lunch.


Why was the camera moving like someone was holding it? I really hope no one was reckless enough to endanger this kid just to make a viral video.


My guess is that they used their phone to record the playback of a security video on another screen.


It’s most likely that. Many of the cheap surveillance systems make it very difficult to export video.


Take THAT, Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.


You know, there are worse ways to go.

That makes sense. I was certainly hoping this wasn’t deliberate. Sadly, it wouldn’t have been the stupidest thing I’d ever heard of someone doing just to get a video to share.

You’re not kidding. I had to export video from one that still requires ActiveX, and this DVR was made in 2020.

You have to open the web UI in an Internet Explorer tab in Edge and it wants to install an ActiveX control, but the control is unsigned. Edge will not allow that. You have to dig through the page source, download the WebClient.cab, extract it, and install it the .ocx manually with regsvr32.exe.

Did I mention I’m using a Mac? I got it working in a Windows 11 VM and I hope I never have to do that again.


I mean, kitty was very polite and seemed to know where he was going… did he have an appointment?


Like the Chromium Cat in japan.

Seems like a failure of security that it got inside…

That’s exactly what they did. You can see the edge of the screen displaying the surveillance video on the left side in the first 5 seconds or so. The quality of the video, the screen glare towards the left and the color ridges on the wall near the end, are also really typical of cell video of surveillance video. I’ve seen a few dozen of those at this point

I love how calm and quick the kid is. He did so well


And it certainly heard him casually get up to leave. Giving benefit of doubt, I’ll choose to believe the kid was lucky enough to be sharing the office with something either visibly or aromatically edible, and/or at least utterly absorbing, further back in the office, detectable from outside.

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Note to self: check size of cat flap.


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