Leopard enters school grounds, injures six


on the one hand my high school didn’t have leopard attacks, on the other hand my high school had a lot of racists, aggressive jocks, religious intolerance, people who threatened me for refusing to stand for the pledge of allegiance, idiotic teachers who in many cases can be considered to have been abusive of the students, and general good Conservative American Values.

So leopards would have been nice.


Like the federal tax code?


Maybe they can’t swim either? Or didn’t want to get wet?

OMG - they were all witches!


Hey Leopard! No Food in the pool area.


My high school could definitely have benefited from a tranquilizer gun.


That leopard is going to get so much detention.


No, the feral tax code.


OT, but the PoA in classrooms should 100% not be a Thing.


Did anyone try singing “I can’t give you anything but love, Baby?”


Not an easy path, but they are committed to it. My deep gratitude to what these people in India are trying to accomplish.

What you say is true–US Forest Service, county parks and wildlife staff, municipal LEOs would all have dropped the animal, protected or not, with all due haste. Full stop.



“That’s just ketchup, dear.” - my mom


Maybe if it were a panther or jaguar deadly force would be used, but this one would have been negotiated with or ignored until it broke a traffic law.


The same exact thing happened at my high school…except that it was a squirrel. Boy, was that scary!


I wasn’t able to find any exciting animal stories specifically involving school grounds; but a cursory search suggests that assorted US animal control people, zoo-connected experts called in by local law enforcement, etc. do a fair amount of animal-tranquilizing(and, in the case of livestock, re-herding). Plenty of errant moose and black bears, the occasional mountain lion; and some occasional exotic escapees from zoos(plus a wolverine that chewed through its crate at Newark Airport!).

There seems to be no uniform policy, of course, reports of animals getting shot are also reasonably common; though it’s hard to gauge relative prevalence.


They’re holding expensive cameras?


It seems to me that if animal control/zoological experts are called, pretty much anywhere in the world, they’ll know that shooting a wild animal means you either drop them in one shot or else you’ve got a wounded animal on your hands, which is VERY VERY BAD. Tranquilizers are the only way to go, to protect everyone, including the animal.

If the only available option is a LEO who has no experience with wild animals, that could make a bad situation worse, especially if they panic.


I exaggerate for comedic effect. I think the rule of thumb is that dangerous nuisance animals are generally trapped or tranquilized where convenient, but animals that have attacked a person are usually killed, even if that means hunting them down. It’s not the worst policy, really, if the species is not endangered. In this case I think there was a good argument that the animal was panicked and trying to escape, not actively developing a taste for education staff.

And I do remember that a while back a jogger was killed by a mountain lion, and so authorities hunted down and shot the mountain lion, but then found that she had two cubs, so they took them in and set up a donation fund to support them. I remember this because I remember Rush Limbaugh apoplectic about the fact that the jogger, coincidentally, had two children, and the fund to support the cubs had an order of magnitude more money than the fund to support the kids. But fair enough, the cubs were way more cute.


if it was me, and i had a choice between getting mauled by a leopard or jumping in a pool and ruining an expensive camera, the camera would lose.


More exciting than ours. All we got was the occasional excited Labrador that had decided to take itself for a walk.