Les Jones releases "Burger," an homage to /mocking of America

Originally published at: Les Jones releases "Burger," an homage to /mocking of America | Boing Boing

They must be eating that bacon infused peanut butter.


Disgusted Charlie Brown GIF by Peanuts


I mean, Les Bleus Poudre and Rock et Belles Oreilles were doing exaclty this 30 years ago, but this is pretty funny too.

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I’m not sure how peanut butter is vegan opposed? Or how candy is healthy?


As a song about 'Merica this is soooo much better than “Chicken Fried”, which I just happen to hate with the white hot passion of a thousand suns.

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fair. i’ll allow it.
also, that blonde guy’s mustache is to die for. i’ll take one to go.

I hope Wheeler Walker Jr has a response.

There’s no way that thing is real. If it’s organic, it’s an alien symbiote

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For whatever reason, I was very slightly reminded of Kind Crimson’s “Great Deceiver”

Cadillacs, blues jeans
Dixieland playing on the ferry
Cigarettes, ice cream
Figurines of the Virgin Mary

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What I love most about this song is how perfectly burgers rhymes with burgers. :heart:


Is that the alt-Universe band where Robert Fripp is nice to everyone all the time? :thinking:

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My sister used to do dog shows. She tells me that doggie people watch Best in Show and just nod their heads and wonder what’s so funny… :thinking: :grin:

American here. I’m wondering what’s so funny too?
Les Jones nailed 'murica 'cept for the clothes.

I guess.

And the lack of guns.

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I don’t actually remember seeing anyone wearing berets when I visited Paris either? If that was ever a valid stereotype I think it’s a couple generations out of date.

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