"Let’s make it violence": Listen to The Atlantic's Kevin Williamson explain why women who have abortions should be hanged


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No. I will just take your word for it that The Atlantic has no sense of decency and no longer needs my eyeballs on their articles.


Why would I want to do such a thing?

I don’t need any help being consumed with impotent rage, thanks.


I’ll be interested to see the excuse Goldberg comes up with to handwave away this one.


If I thought your (collective) rage was impotent I would stop writing about these things


WTF! Please tell me why it’s always a fat white bald whacko that comes up with this shit?

Might be generalizing here, but I’m going with it.


Shitstains gonna shit.


I just checked my under shorts, and I’m clean. Just for the record…


He’s a disgusting waste of skin and I refuse to give The Atlantic any clicks. I wonder how many spermatozoa that jerk has killed in the palm of his hand? I hope they die in a tissue rather than fertilizing an egg.


Yeeeaaah… while I’m still at work, it’s ‘impotent’; my supervisor would surely be displeased if I ended up punching a hole through their monitor…

Edited for ‘fumbling fingers syndrome.’


Does he claim to be Christan?


If men could get pregnant, the US would have a free abortion clinic on every corner, with a drive through, and bonus woobie blankets for the first 50 of the day, plus repeat customers get half off.

I will f’ing end a dude or dudette that says otherwise!


So I wrote the Atlantic a little letter. I hope everyone does. Seriously… because fuck them.

They bury the link to contact them way in their hot mess of a front page… so here’s the link.


To begin, I would propose that any male who impregnates a female without the written advance consent of that female be subject to the complete removal of his external genitals. --anesthetic optional at the discretion of the female. That should eliminate about 95% of abortions.




No it wouldn’t. That’s been tried by far more primitive cultures than our own.

You know what does work? Education, bodily autonomy and freely and easily available sexual health services.

Those things the religious right keeps trying to make illegal.

They don’t care about reducing abortions. All they care about is treating women’s bodies as men’s property.


Roger That!


Oh, this is weird.

Apparently Steve Jobs’ widow purchased (through her “Emerson Collective” org) a majority share in The Atlantic less than a year ago, and now they’re suddenly flipping out and pushing a conservative lunatic like this on us.

I don’t see any reason, at least from her public investments and initiatives, that this would be aligned with her apparently fairly progressive stances, unless it’s some Hail Mary attempt to chase her away and/or create a bargaining chip?

Strange all around.


Kevin- your penchant for auto erotic asphyxiation doesn’t count as a soft spot for hanging. Regardless of how soft your “spot” is.


Don’t they all?