The Atlantic fires Kevin Williamson, who said that women who have abortions should be hanged


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Jezebel apologizes for hiring Cannibal Witch as writer-at-large



Vile scumbag of the year awarded to this POS.


This tweet gave me pause. Then caused me to run away and look at cute baby goat videos for a bit. I really don’t see any reason to consider The Atlantic to be a worthy outlet going forward. Too stupid, or a publicity stunt? Doesn’t matter to me. Either way takes 'em off the table IMO.

“People in this thread seem to think that The Atlantic messed up by not seriously vetting him or taking his stances seriously. They’re not letting him go because of his politics or his character. They’re letting him go because of the public outrage.



"The Atlantic fires Kevin Williamson..."


Not that I’m complaining, but some days it does seem like we’re living inside a real life speedrun…


Given the blowback the Atlantic received, this was inevitable, but I’m pleasantly surprised to see them take a hard 180 so quickly.

Still, Jeffrey Goldberg is a twat.


I am still agog at how they even thought it was a good idea in the first place.


I hope that this will serve as a lesson to Goldberg; it’s a forlorn hope, but it’s still hope.


"Atlantic EIC Jeffrey Goldberg:

I’m an evil idiot - but I know how to run and hide when people find me out."




It strikes me that a significant portion of GOP conservatives fall into two groups: Never Trumpers, and Anyone But Hillary’s. And both groups are turning out to be pretty disgusting.


But the year is still young and there are more scumbags out there!
At least early nominee. :blush:


The writer of the one who hired him and gave him a bigger voice?


The cynical side of me says it was just a play for clicks and PR while the less cynical side says it’s of a piece with all the normalising of far-right scumbags that the liberal side of the media-industrial complex has been engaged in for the last couple of years out of a misguided and complacency-driven sense that these toxic voices deserve a hearing. I wish I could eliminate the second explanation but more and more it seems to be the more accurate one.


JMHO: They were also fearful of being seriously boycotted, sued, or lose ad revenue if lynchings started popping up


Good news/Bad news. . . Now the Right has another martyr in the fight against “liberal” oppression.

And maybe it’s just me, but I gave up on the Atlantic a long time ago. I seem to remember bothsiderism and “maybe the Right is right” all the way back in the '90s.


A lesson that teeters around a business decision.


“When people tell you who they are, believe them”

Or in regards to this particular asshat. When people tell you they’ve changed remember that people do change… but they don’t change that much.



So what the heck–hang the guy who hired him.