Let's see how many lies were in the White House's official "Historic Coronavirus Response Brief"

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Well all knew he was going to take no blame for anything.

And claim all the credit for anything good, even small dips in a horrific daily death toll, he will claim as a win.

It is all he does is lie and gaslight.


So if it’s full of shit, does that mean the brief is worth its weight in toilet paper?


How many lies did Trump tell:

  1. Did he open his mouth?
  2. If one is “Yes,” add up the total number of sentences.

This will work.

Give the man some credit–he can lie multiple times in a sentence.


Probably balances out with the few sentences he tells no lies. Though I can’t for the life of me think of one, since his long, rambling sentences sort of wander in and out of fact and fiction like an LSD trip.


“I think I’m doing a good job.”

He isn’t doing a good job, but he does think he’s doing a good job.


One of the things that I am most looking forward to in the next administration (fingers crossed) is that I will no longer have to decipher every single pronouncement from the administration for outright lies and deflection. The constant attacks on the very existence of agreed upon facts is dispiriting and debilitating.

I’m naturally skeptical about whatever is released by a governmental spokesperson or political figure, as we all must be to dig down to the truth beneath the spin. But the constant denial of what we can all easily see with our own eyes, the complete absence of any ethics or boundaries or norms, the placement of political appointees for the sole point of undermining the very purpose of the agency to which they are appointed, has truly been beyond all conception.

The choice is so clear. Someone said that the election is between a glass of clear water and a glass of raw, stinking sewage. I’m baffled that anyone could opt for the glass of sewage at this point, even if they couldn’t see the choice clearly before.


I was right for a change! The columnist agreed with me that “Operation Warpspeed” is the closest to the truth.

Considering his butchering of the english language, this task could be a problem. He could speak for twenty minutes and the answer would still be 1.


“WE were the ones asking the tough questions like ‘where did this virus really come from, originally?’ while the Democrats were wasting time with pointless questions like ‘how can we prevent this virus from killing us all now?’”


Nope. It’s already covered with shit. I mean, who wants used TP?

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