Letter to the person who shamed a mother using food stamps to buy groceries


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Maybe it’s time for a YouTube campaign similar to “It Gets Better”, where people can tell their individual stories as this woman has done.


42 thumbs up to Sue Bulger, authour of the letter.


On behalf of everyone else who lives in Edina, I’d like to apologize to her.


The comments there astonish me.

Especially those who actually try to argue with someone who chose the nickname “Lord Haw.Haw”.


And this explains why the people in my Edina-bordering neighborhood are ADAMANT that they do not live in Edina. Even the guy who lives across the street from Edina. I’d like to join Erik_Rehnberg in apologizing to Sue Bulger. That was a lovely, smart letter she wrote. It’s a damn shame she had to write it.


EDINA: Every Day I Need Attention

This is pretty much par for the course. For more fun from the cake eaters, check this out:



Wow, these are the same type of people that think a single payer system for health care in the USA is Satan, but don’t bat an eye when corporate welfare sucks up their tax dollars. Lifting each other up as average citizens is crazy and foolhardy, but propping up the rich who hoard their wealth like assholes is perfectly reasonable. The decades of corporatist propaganda have taken their toll on the American public. There’s been many losses in lives, respect and growth. I’m glad that people educating one another in communities and on the Internet is finally putting a small dent into their machine, but we’ve got a long… long… way to go.


Just a crazy guess here: Was Edina partly responsible for electing Michele Bachmann?

Nope. That’s actually even crazier lands in the northern suburbs. Edina tends to be “above” Bachmann’s ilk.

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Oh, Edina. You never seem to change.

I don’t know, when she started going on about her circumstances, it made me kinda want to yell, “Hey lady! You don’t need to trot out any sort of excuses for yourself. The kind of people who have problems with you having foodstamps aren’t going to be any kinder because it’s you, a nice lady from the suburbs.”

Anti-food-stamp people are a lot like anti-abortion people. The only moral use of abortion (or being on food stamps) is going to be their own use of it, because they’re special snowflakes, and can sell out their own morals just this once.

If she was found to be worthy by our flawed, choking bureaucratic structures, then by all means, fuck anybody who would roll their eyes at her.

Additionally, Edina sucks for that reason, amongst many.

South Minneapolis.


I found it a little weird. She called out a lady for judging her for using food stamps…then explained that she didn’t really need the food stamps. “Don’t judge me for being poor…because I’m not actually poor.”

I liked the intent of her message though.


The NYTimes has a program where they give $1000 to people to assist with a variety of expenses where that amount of money can really make a difference to someone - keep them in an apartment when they are behind on rent, pay for a class or two at school, etc. They feature the stories of the recipients. It is nice to read people’s actual stories of what they struggle with and how fortune can turn on this little bit of cash.

My family grew up struggling but I was around wealthy people because my parents really valued education so I went to excellent private schools. I have really gotten sick of people who have the good fortune of families where everyone is mentally well and everyone has the blessing of good health, where they were born with money in the bank and stocks they can liquidate if times are tough, looking down on people who have thin resources where one wrong thing can take them off track. Sometimes you can have all the spunk and drive to make a change but your car breaks down all the time, or you can’t find child care, or you have a family member to care for, and I believe that if we are privileged enough to have a little something to give we are supposed to do that.

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I’m a bit confused about this. “EBT: Yeah, right” sounds like the person behind her didn’t believe that she actually needed to use food stamps, and was somehow taking advantage of the system. Which is a whole different reason to be annoyed with that person, I suppose.

i found this on my steps in north Portland, OR yesterday:

it sounds fairly critical of EBT. historically blue-collar neighborhood rapidly undergoing gentrification. not because people can’t afford to stay, but because they can’t or choose not to sell their property for huge $$$ so 2 mcmansions can be built on it. unclear which category “Artemis” fits into

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