Level up your Wonder Woman cosplay with this comic book-inspired makeup look

Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/06/09/level-up-your-wonder-woman-cos.html

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It’s an interesting look, but looks a little creepy to me in motion. I do admire the artistry of it.


Yes. Uncanny valley territory for me…


I kind of have this thing about life like dolls, they creep me out, and the make-up job definitely hits near that.


…and store mannequins!


Strangely, store mannequins don’t bother me.

Consider yourself lucky. The freak me the fuck out!


Yeah, I could see that being a big problem! Damn things are everywhere.

Though I must admit, this local hotel have a bunch of mannequins dressed up and set up on some balconies. Those are totally creepy.


Please tell me were you live so I can make sure never to visit!

Austin. They put them up during SxSW, along with a few guitars (which bugged me to no end, even if they were cheap ones). Then they haven’t taken them down.

Same here. On some level, it just unsettles me, and it’s the sort of unsettling that just makes me back away from the source.

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On the flipside, this might just flick those mechanophilia/automatonophilia switches for certain people…

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Um, why would Moxxi dress up like Wonder Woman?

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Oh man, do I have a Twilight Zone episode for you…


Worst nightmare I ever had -
I’m in a big warehouse with maybe fifteen other people. These mannequins (clothed but no hair or makeup, just white faces) come to life and start attacking us. Weird dream type shenanigans ensue.

Eventually I escape the warehouse. I’m running down a brick street at night under street lights, looking down because I’m running in a tight, almost claustrophobic group of escapees and I don’t want to trip.

Suddenly I look up, and everyone turns and stares at me, and I realize they’re ALL mannequins who’ve put on makeup and wigs. I wake up gasping and sweating. All I could think was “I’ve got to get on a plane in five hours. There’s no way I’ll be able to lock myself in a can full of people!” I took a Xanax when I got to the airport.


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