Watch the trailer for "Wonder Woman 1984"

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Love. Love. Love.

Except for those platform shoes she’s wearing. Seem a bit uncomfortable for combat.


That’s a great use of Blue Monday; plus SWINGING FROM FREAKIN’ LIGHTNING BOLTS!!!

I’ll be interested to find out how Steve Trevor has survived. Hopefully he was frozen in a block of ice, and Etta Candy was frozen in a block of Ice Cream, so we can get them both back.


Thank you! For a while I’ve felt like the only person on the planet who finds the mini-skirt and heels regressive.

As i said on another site, the running-in-heels training starts from a very young age.



Hate the Hollywood orchestral mix of Blue Monday.

Really. A lot. It’s regressive.

Hooked on classic rock classics.


Why they didn’t use the Wonder Woman Theme from the serial, by
Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox?

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I guess because it sounds like a 70s tune?

Blue Monday partially works because of the electro sound but when the schmaltz kicks in… Yeeeuch. It’s like the abomination that is the current Dr. Who theme: the original still sounds more up to date than that Cinematic Sample Library shite.

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Swinging from lightning bolts? I’m going to allow that.

80’s hair that isn’t a tall, Aqua-Netted rat’s nest?



To each their own, I really enjoyed this remix. It kept the techno 80’s sound and added some extra synth horns and drums to ramp up the “marshall” feel of it, in keeping with a movie about a warrior descended from Amazonian. But I get it might not be for everyone.


If you’re going to suspend your disbelief, suspend it with lightning bolts.


Best New Order remix in a movie:


Hmm…her apartment is in the Watergate…

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“ It also has Steve Trevor who most certainly died in the first film but no matter.”

She’s the daughter of Zeus - totally within her powers.


A nod to the ‘70s TV series, in which the series moves from WWII to “now”, but retains Lyle Wagonner as Steve Jr.?


That was such a great opening for the movie and a cracking intro for Blade. I’ve got my fangs crossed that the new film will be as fun; though with better CGI, of course.

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Or any number of her friends, family members, and antagonists. The trailer makes it pretty clear that he hasn’t been around. Which is a nice turnabout of the fish out of water trope from the first movie.


That’s just a trash can

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I was thinking about making a cover of course, like Go West: take the version of Village People, is squarely in the '70, and the Pet Shop Boys one, or Tainted love between the Soft Cell version an the Gloria Jones one, and so on…

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It really is amazing to see 80s music being so enshrined lately. Southpark just did a great joke about it, where they’re on a hunt in the woods and they queue the “kickass 80s music playlist” and it’s all Richard Marx, Pac Man Fever, Gloria by Laura Branigan, Queen of Hearts and other crap like that. That’s much closer to how I remember it!

And speaking of odd nostalgia trends, a friend and I recently found ourselves in a “90s bar”. They lovingly played TLC, Hanson, Smashing Pumpkins… Get off my lawn!


(lights a candle int he closet shrine to William Moulton Marston, begins praying): Please don’t let DC screw this one up, please don’t let DC screw this one up…