Liberal-hating pilot caught on hot mic over Bay Area, and it ain't pretty

As sure as the sun coming up we can know that if he ends up with consequences he will complain about being cancelled.

Also, I love my Hyundai - I’ve had it for 11 years and had to do almost nothing aside from oil changes. Unlike our ‘American’ chev, which is newer but a piece of rolling garbage.


“You don’t have balls unless you’re fucking rolling coal, man.”

How do people’s brains become this deranged/dumb/stupid/childish/etc?


The misinformation + fear porn + persecution complex are a potent and addictive drug. They can’t remember what it was like before they found that particular high. Now they chase it 24/7.


Maybe I’m the only one who hadn’t heard about this, but TIL:

Rolling coal is the practice of modifying a diesel engine to increase the amount of fuel entering the engine in order to emit large amounts of black or grey sootyexhaust fumes into the air. Rolling coal is sometimes used as a form of anti-environmentalism.[1] Such modifications may include the intentional removal of the particulate filter.[2] Practitioners often additionally modify their vehicles by installing smoke switches and smoke stacks. Modifications to a vehicle to enable rolling coal may cost from US$200 to US$5,000.


God I hate a fragile ego.


Last summer when the Little Peas and I were assaulted by breakfast burrito, as I was walking to the car, one of them disgustedly remarked, “Of course you drive a fucking pussy Subaru!” The Subaru is really the best family car to drive in New York winters, IMO, but it certainly made me wonder what sort of car is sufficiently masculine enough to stand in for that missing part of their personality. A coal roller is probably a good bet.


But he’s an airline pilot! I don’t know any diesel, coal-rolling airplanes. Is he admitting he doesn’t have any balls? Or is he just a jealous wannabe?


Thanks, I didn’t know that!

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Sadly I had heard about it but wish I hadn’t/wish it didn’t exist.


EDIT: I stand corrected - it was a Southwest pilot. Boy, are they embarrassed. As someone tweeted, maybe they should find out where he was January 6.

I did my flight training in a “C-152 heavy” at San Jose International, sharing airspace with the 737s and hoping not to end up in wake turbulence from an adjacent airliner. And although they moved most of the general aviation traffic to Reid-Hillview, there is still some GA presence there, and I’m sure some techie dudebro with more money than sense. I suspect the stuck mic was from one of those.

On one occasion, I decided to take one of our flight club’s 172s from San Jose to Monterey for some $100 clam chowder. As I prepared for my return flight to San Jose, and Ground gave me permission to taxi behind a long line of other aircraft, they decided to switch the runway direction. Meaning someone who had been at the front of the line, was now at the opposite end. And he cut loose with a loud, angry string of F-bombs over the radio, followed by a long silence, and then a quiet, “Uh, your mic’s open.” There was also some snickering.

Officially, this sort of thing is an FCC violation, but eh.

I’m pretty sure Gru had that mod done to his plane.


small dik energy for sure.

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thank you! i was thinking it was some straight-guy slang or something.


So, uh, anyone wanna speculate about which airline? ::Cough United:: ::Cough or Maybe American:: ::Cough Airlines in the US are so awful, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was any of them::

Hyundai does big giant diesel SUV too, normally bought by some Karen that parks it randomly near schools and malls.

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Diesel aeroplanes are a thing. Dornier flying boats were equipped with diesel engines around the time of WWII and more recently, some light aircraft have been manufactured with diesels. They’re simpler to fly cos you don’t need to faff around with mixture controls and carb heat but I think the main selling point is fuel efficiency and lower costs.

They don’t roll coal though cos that’s just fucking stupid.

And on the subject of fucking stupid, my money says the liberal-hating pilot is a PPL in a light aircraft. I just can’t imagine a commercial pilot behaving so unprofessionally.


To the surprise of both of us, the pilot rolling coal at the mouth was from Southwest. Ouch.


The real victims here are the copilot, flight attendants and other staff who have to spend hours in a tube with this guy. It has been my experience that coal rolling Trumpers never keep their opinions to themselves and assume you agree with them on everything.


My anecdotal experience in my locality also confirms this. They are also usually quick to say “don’t you miss the days when people could say what they really think?” and I think, always without saying anything, “My god what is it that you don’t already say???”


Totally. This was a huge cultural effect of Trump- we found out how many people were just being polite this whole time and keeping the bile to themselves.

A customer wrote me an email the other day to thank me for a service I had provided, and finished it with an unsolicited rant about many things similar to what this pilot said, all written in a tone that presumed that I, of course, agree with his obvious statements of facts. This sort of thing happens all the time now.

I guess it’s helpful that the monsters are openly identifying themselves.