"Libs of TikTok" unmasked in Washington Post exposé

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So, outcome… thanks to this article LibsofTikTok becomes a household word and gains more followers, the GQP inserts itself into more roles of power, and Dems remain powerless to stop the flood of stupid.

Any hope in a hopeless world?


I’m just surprised it wasn’t Virginia (Ginni) Thomas.

Shocked actually.


I hate reading about these horrible people. I hope my click doesn’t elevate them, but the reality is it probably will.



Stoking rage on the right is by far the best job in journalism, if you can hack it.

The best? Why, because it’s an easy way to make money?

I guess, but I wouldn’t consider the best job I’ve ever had one where I had to sell my conscience and soul, while contributing to mass stupidities that result in the injury and death of many.


Gods, I can’t think of any other political writer who had a bigger fall from grace than that clown. Though in retrospect the esteem he was once held in by progressives was mostly unwarranted too. For example, he was an early (if apathetic) supporter of the invasion of Iraq before he became an outspoken critic of it.


Y’all, I’m starting to suspect that there are no good Trumpers.

I mean, they tied their horse to a racist, kiddie-fucking, Hitler-curious thousandaire with a bad haircut and a spray tan and then morphed themselves into authoritarian, Putin-worshiping terrorists who believe Nazis are Very Fine People.

All Trumpers are, by definition, dreadful people, and the best proof available that there is no God is that He hasn’t been flinging lightning bolts at these dreary motherfuckers.


He also had his first case as a lawyer (and, I believe, last case) defending murderous neo-Nazi Matthew Hale.

Also, referring to him as a mere influencer is probably gonna make him hit the roof, too.


That part doesn’t bother me so much TBH; I believe every criminal defendant should have the benefit of legal counsel. It’s Greenwald’s own words and actions that prove what an insufferable ass he is.


The fact that investigative journalists are still out there trying to expose and de-bunk right-wing BS machines gives me some hope, even if the outcome might not be completely what we’d hope for.

How long they’ll be able to continue doing this if the GOP takes Congress in November and starts making the final push toward dismantling liberal democracy in the U.S. is another matter. The fascists are planning on using Putin’s playbook to chill articles like this once they consolidate power.


It wasn’t a criminal case, though. He wanted to get a legal license to help him harass and threaten non-white people, and the Illinois bar refused to give him one. Glenn (and for a while, Alan Dershowitz) helped him out.


Yes, that’s where easy money is right now.


Eventually Grifters run out’a people to grift, it can’t come soon enough.


I’ve long considered making up a pen name, hauling out my old INWO cards for the proper conspiratorial flavor, and writing a bunch of deranged op-eds to send to various right-wing newspapers.

But yeah, that kinda shit puts a stain on your soul, and it doesn’t wash away.


Sometimes I try to comfort myself by thinking that this is just the enflamed temper tantrum of a dying lie. The feverish infection of a healing wound. That this is a sign that change is coming. But then, the last time a major reactionary, fascist temper tantrum required “intervention” the “best” solution people could come up with was dropping a nuclear bombs and building museums to record the atrocities. I really thought humans wouldn’t go right back down the “globally demonize vulnerable populations and their supporters” road again, but I guess, as Cato Institute sweetheart Von Mises said (approx) “fascism is a necessary temporary solution to communism!” So, yes, I’m drinking more these days too.


That’s the hard part of all this for me too- trying to determine if all this is just backlash for recent progress and it will pass, or if this is the beginning of a dark new path leading to ruin. I’m betting on the latter financially and geographically to be safe, but I hope very much for the former.


Libs of TikTok is a popular Twitter account…

More proof that conservatives have no f@cking clue.


im not sure it’s all grift.

there’s plenty of wealthy conservatives paying people like this for their work. is she getting paid, i dunno. but since companies from makeup to fossil fuel companies pay influencers, id be surprised if she wasn’t


It’s backlash; no matter how badly fascists and their enablers want to ‘turn back time,’ that simply is not even possible - much like putting toothpaste back in the tube.

That said, the fight will not be easy or pretty, but if all us ‘Others’ stick together, then we can win.