Life Aquatic beanie, my favorite winter hat

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I played the soundtrack last night when I was going to sleep. Because Bowie.


You caught my one tangental Bowie thing.


My first thought was, of course I need one of these because today I can’t stop listening to Seu Jorge’s lovely cover of Life On Mars…

Also as a kid I was a huge fan of Jacques Cousteau, but I think I would have been miserable if I’d pursued the dream of being a marine biologist. Better to look like one.


Can you hear the jack whales singing?


Behold the power of the woolly hat, with which you can change the weather!


Someone, please confirm this is merino wool. In addition to the merino wool socks that get me through the winter, my merino wool watchcap almost never leaves my head. It’s cozy enough to sleep in, and I do. (We don’t heat our house much.)

Wool is antibacterial, antifungal, hydrotropic… many lovable features. Maybe there’s something analogous on Amazon…

At price listed on Amazon for this Life Aquatic beanie (listed as a “costume” piece), I am inclined to believe this thing is in fact made of acrylic, a fiber I am familiar with and upgraded away from long ago. Am still a big fan of the movie, and of Bill Murray generally. (sigh)


Can’t confirm or deny the existence of merino, but I can say that completely and utterly agree with the wool-tastic-ness of wool. My cousin knit me a long wool scarf that I just so happen to be wearing today, and it looks awesome, feels a touch scratchy, but is warm as the tropics.

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But historically people have wanted to get away from wool. That’s kind of the reason why cotton became such a huge economic force in the 18th and 19th centuries and extended the life of US slavery (yes, reading “Empire of Cotton” right now).

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They didn’t know about the wonders of non-scratchy, fuzzy, comfortable merino wool!

Acrylic, sorry.

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