Lifelock anti-identity theft service helped man stalk his ex-wife

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Maybe the execs and the jobsworths who stonewalled her and then law enforcement need to be named in a criminal suit for aiding and abetting her identity theft.


There is no such thing as a criminal suit. Also, you generally can’t sue the officers of a corporation, only the corporation itself.


What’s it called when the state brings criminal charges against someone? Should have added, IANAL. Apologies if my legalease is off.

Seriously? Officers of a corporation can break the law with impunity and only the company can be charged? If so, that’s insanity.

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Is this the same CEO that gave out his info a few years ago as a publicity stunt, and promptly had his identity stolen by a half dozen people?

EDIT: Same guy, but 13 people stole it. lol


I was under the (possibly mistaken) impression that limited liability pertained to contractual and financial liabilities, not criminal misconduct. For example, if a CEO of a demolition company orders a house belonging to his or her enemy to be demolished, and the employees realize it after the fact and try to cover it up and obstruct law enforcement to protect their jobs, can’t criminal charges be brought against both the CEO and employees personally?

ETA: Also, it’s not your job to educate me on corporate malfeasance. If you want to reply, I’ll of course appreciate it. But I don’t mean to make you do my research. I’m sure I can figure it out at home later on my own. Thanks either way for the WP link as a staring point.

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What an awful name!

It will be interesting to see how this gets limited by the citizens united/religious businesses legislation. If the entity isn’t a separate person - but exists to express the views and religion of the owner - you don’t maintain the separation of officers/owners. It may put some holes in that veil.


I was wondering how she knew this was going on in the first place.

“Quintana said one of her sons discovered the LifeLock account and the spreadsheet by accident during a visit to his father’s home in March.”

Just imagine if that hadn’t happened? This guy would be free to spy on her and screw with her financial life without her ever being the wiser. That’s a lot of power to give to someone because, what, they had her social security number? Oh, the irony of the Todd Davis LifeLock ads…


Fun fact I learned from my friend’s boss with an evil ex.

Without any help needed from Lifelock or anything, you can already take a lien out on just about anyone’s property with very little evidence.

Collecting on it is rather harder, but if the purpose is harassment, it works great. In this case, the boss’s ex-wife took out a lien on his new girlfriend’s house.


the very same exec / jobsworth

And then he saved it so she could see it. That’s a sharp kid.

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Yeah, it was just luck that the kid got to see it, but he was smart enough to recognize something untoward was going on and pass the information along.

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