Light Bulb Baking – The 50-year history of The Easy Bake Oven


I have the EZ-crock slow cooker. It uses LEDs. So good!

I have the EZ-Chill mini-fridge. It uses CCFLs. So cool!

This day in blogging history.

I had no idea that the Easy-Bake oven was that expensive (assuming that was $15 in 1963 dollars)! I wasn’t old enough to know how much things cost or were worth, other than candy, because I was probably about 6 or 7 when my younger sister got one for Christmas or birthday or something. Of course, these days, such a toy would be considered horribly dangerous, and you’d have to hoard incandescent bulbs to keep it going.

There was a Gas Chromatograph that I used to run that, for some analyses, could be run with a 100Watt light bulb instead of the regular element (Which used the same socket). It was fancy and fairly rugged field equipment, and pretty impressive in terms of capability, but I always called it the easy bake oven.

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