Limits to trickle-down: Trump's tax-cut "boom" fizzles


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Seems a bit obvious but obligs anyway…



I could write a few paragraphs about this, but honestly, why bother.


Ah, but the pockets that were lined will stay lined, so that’s all right. The benefits trickled down just fine to the real constituents.


Didn’t everyone with any economic sense tell that this was exactly what would happen?



beat me to it ya bastard.


In other breaking news today, the sun rose from the east, water is often wet, and the Sahara contains quite a lot of sand.

So…is there a pool on how long it takes Trump and the GOP to blame this on the Democrats?


Hey, that thing that has never worked before didn’t work again? Man, you’d think it was due!


Sometimes if you kick it just so, it’ll start working. If the Republicans would like to line up single file and bend over, I am willing to give it a try.


:ballot_box_with_check: Stimulus tax cuts for the rich.
:ballot_box_with_check: Government being drowned in a bathtub.

How could it not be the Democrat’s fault? /s




Trump’s economic plan failed?! UNPOSSIBLE! That’s soooooo off-brand. My mind. It boggles.

I would really be shocked if the groundwork for that hadn’t already been put down.


A junk food fiscal policy to match his greasy fast-food diet.


I’m sure that his diet promotes growth.


More specifically, it promotes “girth”



What’s that? Around 3000 walls?


Donald Trump’s sure-fire plan for fiscal success:

  1. Lie.
  2. Lie more.
  3. Profit!


The low tide after the coming crash will run aground all yachts.