Lincoln Project dares Trump to return to Twitter

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If he does, I hope that Twitter suffers a major outage right after, so TFG and Elon can point fingers at each other.


The message might be clearer if whoever mixed the sound toned down the background drumming and amped up the softly-spoken narrator.

Still, let them fight. (I’m sure a gif will be along in a minute).


Not that there will be any goading needed to get this deranged narcissist to abandon his loyal toady Nunes at Truth Social for a a bigger audience. Still, it would be satisfying to see this ad helping to destory both von Clownstick and Musk.


I want to see them really fight. I’m just imagining Elmo’s reaction to something like “Truth has been down less in the last month than Twitter. Why would I go to Twitter?”


His contract with Truth Social is up in June, unless he renews it. Until then, he has to give them six hour Frost Piss exclusivity.


He always sticks to the letter of the contract. Just ask all the unpaid contractors and lawyers!



I’ve always found the Lincoln Project to be kind of disingenuous. These are, after all, the same bow-tie wearing Masters of the Universe / think tank wonks who created the modern conservative Frankenstein’s Monster we all know and abhor. They certainly had no line in the sand measure of decency that they themselves wouldn’t cross.

No, I think instead, Trump made enemies of the Conservative status quo, and the Lincoln Project is just a retaliatory strike. Not painting Trump as some kind of folk hero disrupter – he is after all just a singularity, a kernel of pure self-absorbed Chaos. But it is very refreshing to watch all the rats trying to find life preservers.


No, you idiots…

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I do believe they genuinely want to have some kind of functional government again, but I don’t think they want a government that does the same things that you or I would like the government to do.


They’re basically a bunch of Bush-style neoCons and moneyCons who wish the MAGAts weren’t saying the quiet parts out loud and ruining their sweet racket.

Unfortunately, the Dem establishment seems incapable of being anywhere near as vicious, funny and creative as TLP. I’m not sure why, but there’s really no need to “take the high road” when the opposing duopoly party has been taken over by fascists.


… and there’s the real appeal: someone who actually just acknowledges the out-and-out fascism as pants-on-head crazy. When everyone’s tiptoing around about how critical you can be about the opposition, it’s nice to have someone who feels like a court jester.

To be fair, they’re clowns and have no actual risk on any of this. They can afford it, because they don’t have to actually accomplish anything (and they really don’t accomplish anything), but it can, on occasion, be emotionally satisfying.


This to my mind is the functional difference between MAGA and the GOP since the Southern Strategy. Nixon et al simply wanted to manipulate government to their will, bending but not breaking it. MAGA wants to see the entire thing burned to the ground and run as a feudal-militia state. Their differing visions have much more in common than opposed, but one sees the value of the apparatus that already exists. I think the classic GOP also realizes how much of a minority they are and are forced with work within manipulate the system, while MAGA thinks they’re an overwhelming majority that’s being unfairly repressed.


I think he CAN’T, because I think he still has an exclusive arrangement with his “Truth Social” platform, which is hemorrhaging cash right now.

You need to switch frames of references a little.

“can’t” and “can’t without violating a contract” are two different things. For you and me, that probably translates as “can’t”, for Trump? Notsomuch.

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