Lincoln Project: "law and order" president is the "most corrupt president in US history"

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I’m sure most Trump supporters are well aware that “law and order” is just a euphemism for “authoritarian crushing dissent and keeping minorities in line”, used because the latter is a bit of a mouthful.


“Fascist” is hard to spell for some folk.


Would it be in poor taste to throw a “So Long, Jackass” party the night of the election? I’m willing to take the risk of egg on my face should the truly unmentionable occur.


Corrupt AF


Not in poor taste, but maybe tempting fate a little too much? Maybe a better use of those party funds would be donating them to local or national Democrats to help make sure we get to organize a party the day AFTER the election?


I’m sure to his most loyal supporters, being the most gangster president is a good thing. LOL.


Law and order coming from this crook is horseshit indeed.

Pardons friends who are all felons, punishes people who actually spoke up about him breaking the law.

Conservatives don’t understand or care about the actual law or real order. All of you who support this shit are a joke, and I’d laugh you into the sea with the rest of the bottom feeders if it was possible


Yes, “Law and Order” has always meant “for poor and minorities, not for the wealthy and connected.”

They should have thrown in the clip of him saying he “knows all the best people” and then having to deny knowing all these people.


And getting them out of jail.
Quid Quo Pro.


This never gets old:


I grabbed a screenshot of it but apparently Graham still hasn’t deleted it from his twitter account.

I guess the “we” he meant was the GOP, but it’s increasingly looking like he meant the USA.


Oh they know how to spell it- they just know it’s a bad word, because Hitler was bad. The difficult part is not understanding that it wasn’t the word, specifically, that is bad. Rather, it’s the attitudes and goals of people the word describes.


The problem is that all the tRump-Stains truly believe that all these guys were railroaded based on “fake news”, and that any and all charges are trumped up (see what I did there?) by the liberal/antifa/communist/Soros/whatever demon they’re seeing in their cereal bowls this week…

I always knew people were stupid, but after seeing just how much the “repeat a lie/something blatantly so stupid it’s not compatible with reality until people believe it” works, I truly have no hope for humanity.


Just one thing with LP: let’s not get sucked into “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” type thinking.

These guys are not on our side. They have their own agenda, and it’s not nicer and kinder than Trump’s… it just looks prettier on the outside.


Never that; they are a useful tool in defeating my enemy, only that and nothing more.


First ad I’ve seen from LP that specifically calls out voting for Biden - even though they didn’t say the actual words they flashed his picture.

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In the most “not all conservatives” reply ever I’m going to be required to note that this ad campaign is largely (if not entirely) run by conservatives. Which makes me dubious of donating to them even though I think they are producing some of the most impactful ads of this campaign (because after they think they have run enough “Tump sucks, kick him out” ads any funds they have left over may well go to ads that are aimed at keeping R-control of the Senate which has ultimately been at least as harmful as 45 has been in and of himself).

They definitely have, see which is a lot more explicitly pro-Biden then I would have expected.

Well they are on “our side” until Trump is wounded enough, or actually defeated. At some point our interests and theirs diverge. Absolutely for sure. Also there is a tone of room between Tump’s agenda and an actual good agenda for the LP’s agenda to be better, significantly better than Trump’s, but still not be something one might want to support. (or otherwise said, I disagree with the details of what you have said, but surely agree with the general feeling of what you said…yet I am enough of a pedant that I had to run my mouth about it, I agree it is a character flaw, but here we are)

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Well, but they are, though, if the goal is getting rid of Trump. Pretty sure that was the only reason for the creation of The Lincoln Project.

The idea one can’t possibly work with the other party is poisoning our politics. Bi-Partisanship used to be a thing. Surely there should be SOME common goals between parties.


I’m a Republican, so your suggestion is a bit too far for me.

If you’re a Republican who doesn’t want Trump to be reelected, at a minimum you should be supporting Joe Biden with your vote and probably your money as well.