Lincoln Project's "School is Back in Session" video mocks GOP's disturbing education reforms

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I take it from this typically clever ad that the neoCons at TLP have given up on their earlier goal of re-taking the Republican Party from the MAGAts. Glad they agree with us that the GOP is unsalvageable, but I’m wondering what awful alternative they’ll be offering.


for them wishing to avoid Xmuskiness like the plague, here’s the youtube:


To continually point out the monstrous behavior of the GOP yet refuse to abandon it makes me wonder what they’re up to as well. They’re not against the extremes of the Republican party, the “extremes” are all it is now. There’s nothing else, and even when there was, it was just a respectable cover for mostly the same goals. Is every Lincoln Project ad just their way of saying “We absolutely approve of this, just stop being so obvious about it, guys!”?


Just a thought- Does anyone ever wonder if the GOP intentionally appeals to the extreme in order to force moderate/traditional conservatives to jump ship into the DNC (since there isn’t a viable 3rd party in the US) thereby pulling the DNC towards the center/right in an effort to appeal to the most voters?


They’re probably training the next group of DINO double-agents. Once those folks get elected, they’ll change party affiliation and increase the GOP ranks. If enough MAGAts lose their seats (or wind up removed from office :crossed_fingers:t4:), they’ll try to salvage their supporters and donors. Whether or not they’ll return to bipartisanship and their former veneer of civility will probably depend on their need for votes to continue pushing their con$ervative agenda. We have to remain vigilant, because no matter how much re-branding they do, they cannot be trusted.


That’s Overton Window manipulation in a nutshell.


But it’s also because they actually want those horrible things. This is not a drill, folks.


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We need to stop doing this mental gymnastics to try and find a way to blame others. They are showing us who they are each and every day. Believe them.

They are fascists now. We have to accept that and stop trying to make excuses for it.

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I know people who are fiscally conservative but also in favor of gun laws and a woman’s right to choose. They, like the people at The Lincoln Project, are probably tired of seeing the GOP train wreck but would rather take steps to fix it rather than abandon it.


Kinda like watching the stern of the Titanic disappear under the waves and thinking, “That’ll buff out.”


I was thinking more along the lines of kicking out unruly house guests rather than handing them the keys but, yeah, the sinking Titanic is probably a better analogy.


They are fascists now. We have to accept that and stop trying to make excuses for it.

Where did I disagree with them being actual Fascists?

edit: Ah, reread the thread. Yeah it did look like I was saying they didn’t mean it. Nope not what I meant to say. Thanks for calling it out. They’re Fascists, they want Fascism and they are just wiley about it.


Not exactly. It’s intentional but not with the intention of forcing voters to leave.

Southern strategy - Wikipedia.


Yah, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop with that group. We know they aren’t on our side, but it’s unclear who’s side they are on exactly.


Neoliberal billionaires, fossil-fuel companies, and the military-industrial complex for sure. Just like during the Cheney Regency. What vehicle they’ll use to serve their masters now that the GOP is in the hands of right-wing populists is still unclear.

Riffing on what @PsiPhiGrrrl says above, they might have decided to infiltrate and undermine the Dems. If they can get some more Manchin and Sinema types in it might be a workable plan.


Unless they own it :smile::sunglasses::+1:



They are the ones who created the trainwreck and still largely benefit from it.


They’ve been fascists for a long time; they just used to be less blatant about it.
The Bushes are every bit as bloodthirsty as Lord Dampnut; they just have better manners and were far more subtle in their machinations.
It’s a good thing that dynasty seems to be at an end.

ETA: Of course, the GOP has been rotten with fascists since before the Bushes were in power…

The MSM seems to be terrified of using the ‘f’ word, and that’s not doing anyone any favors. Apparently, they are trying to avoid being seen as ‘partisan’.
This won’t help them a bit if the neofascists wrest control, of course; and it doesn’t help their reputations to be seen as passive enablers of the neofascists by not calling them out.

Too bad that sort of scheme doesn’t seem to work the other way.


When the GOP set up a big tent, party discipline ensured that the only entrance was to the far right. That’s why it’s now a circus bigtop full of openly fascist clowns.

The Dems have less discipline. They have an entrance to the right and a tiny, unmarked one to the left. Also, no-one was watching the edges, so RFK Jr was able to slip in under the canvas.