Lindsay Graham promises a National ban on abortion if the GOP wins in November

I think the straight face melted during the 2nd Gulf War (if not earlier).

For some reason this came to mind the other day: what do brilliant and/or strapping John Galts care about a bunch of namby-pamby bureaucrats, anyway? If the Galt-types are so great, then surely the likes of the US Gov’t are no obstacle. (Answer: they’re not; it’s what you said )


USA… it was nice while it lasted.



I dunno - Graham doesn’t have to run for re-election until 2027. So it seems an odd strategy to double down on a topic so unpopular that many Republicans are scrubbing their overt pro-life stances on their websites. I don’t know the context of where he was speaking, so it could be to shore up support for other candidates running in red areas. Which might work for one area, but be bad on the national level. If this becomes the Republicans platform (which is refreshing change of pace having an official platform vs just “fighting the radical left that hates America”), I think it will lead to them definitely losing the Senate, and the House stands a good chance of staying Democrat controlled.

It will take more than just Grahams comment to make the a national call to action, but if enough people parrot it, it will be.

If they control the House and Senate I absolutely think it would pass. Only because Biden is in office is why it wouldn’t be law. He would veto it.


Seems unlikely to pass veto.

Ignore the predictions. VOTE. Even if a prediction makes you feel confident and secure. VOTE. Even if it shouldn’t be able to pass a veto. VOTE.


I do like the phrase “protecting life from conception”.

Yes, that’s the point. Full, real lives need the option of being protected from conception if they so desire.


I really think not. She claims to be pro-choice, and was able to split the baby – hah, accidentally-on-point biblical allusion was nicely emergent there, btw – on the Trump SC nominees but this would be too stark.

Wasn’t Graham last up for election in 2020? I don’t think he’s thinking so hard about doing an unusual amount of fundraising right now. (I mean, all congresscritters have to raising at all times, but it’s not a specifically urgent need for him rn.)

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It’s Lindsey Graham, so…

They see it all as a zero-sum game - if someone else is “getting” something, then they must be losing out.

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He’s playing to the Trumpist, white Christian nationalist base.


Sounds like the author was a right-wing nut who misunderstood Graham’s proposal and thought it would preempt states from enacting even stricter abortion bans. As @Mindysan33 notes above and the author now acknowledges, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Bastards all.

I originally had published a post here taking issue with Senator Lindsey Graham’s proposal for a 15-week abortion ban at the national level, out of concern that it would preempt state efforts to set stricter limits. I am retracting the post because it was factually wrong. I did not realize that Graham’s proposal is just a federal ceiling; it allows states to set limits lower than 15 weeks.


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I did not even have to look at the law to know that was his intent. He wants women to die. He wants to kill slutty slut sluts… He can fuck right off.


“In order to prevent even more concerning legislation from being proposed and to heal rifts within the party, I will be voting for this”

Claims is a key word there. She’ll vote the party line unless hers isn’t a deciding vote.


Is it still hypocrisy if one doesn’t even make a pretense of consistency or having any sort of ethics or ideology beyond “take power by any means and exercise it to control - but only on out-groups”? Asking for a friend the Republicans.

What’s making me extra mad is he’s framing it like “All the developed world has decided that a 15 week limit is civilized and we’re being the outlier by not having that limit.” Leaving aside that’s not actually true, it’s as if he wasn’t trying to impose a bunch of limits that would make it extremely difficult to get an abortion at all, as if those other countries also were forcing women to carry non-viable fetuses (whereas in fact have no limits in that case and if life - and health - were at risk), and ignoring the fact that in those countries abortion is both extremely accessible and paid for by the government.


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Ok, hear me out. LG is an undercover Dem who is working to ensure that the GQOP loses in November.

Nah, I don’t buy it either. He’s just an obnoxious cockwaffle who is pandering to the LCD to get votes.


Is it too late to abort Lindsey Graham

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So Lindsay wants abortion legal until the 15th week. Its a start. We should nail that part down without question to stop the madness in the states. Then go after the post 15 weeks exceptions, point by detailed point.